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Set Your Clock

Time is on your side, yes it is

Jerry Garcia had it right with, “What a long strange trip it’s been.”

Boomerpdx agrees, but in a proactive move, makes it even longer and stranger.

Most sci-fi guys like the idea of time travel.

Most inner-space travel fans like the current reality just fine, but like it more with a little swerve on the edges.

What about the rest who ignored Jules Verne and Owsley? How do they get the same effect without the downside of tin foil hats and sparkling eyes?

Change the way you keep time.

This is nothing new to Mayan Calendar followers, or druids. They’ve always danced to the beat of a different conqueror.

Baby Boomers, Portland Baby Boomers in particular, are the prime choice to lead the movement to the Metric Minute. Portland is full of movement leaders, and supposedly a destination for rich hippies to retire.

It’s a perfect mix.

The basics of the Metric Minute:

  •  100 seconds equals a minute
  • 100 minutes equals an hour
  • 10 hours makes a day
  • 10 days in a week
  • 30 days make every month
  • 10 months make a year

Is it time for the metric minute?

Boomerpdx says yes.

Do you want to be younger? Metric time puts up a smaller number for age.

Do you want to break your personal records in sports? Metric time will do it.

Boomers took on the metric system as youngsters. It was new, it was easy, and like Tina Turner singing Proud Mary nice and slow, it took off.

Metric Time needs a chance to succeed outside the lab. Help by singing in 10/10 time. It might sound nutty, but what’s new? Baby Boomers have worn that title all their lives.

If you’re planning a new life, start with a new clock. Let the twirling begin.

Boomerpdx Lesson: Time as a personal perception? Fine, but the plane you’re about to catch may not agree with your schedule.

Better Boomer says, use idiosyncrasies all you want, just don’t expect the world to agree any more than it already has.


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