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Too Expensive For Boomer Exercise? Probably Not

Breaking Down The Numbers (approximate values)


What to do about rising co-pays, premiums, and fees from the insurance and medical billing?

First, make an appointment with a Naturopathic Doctor for a baseline health analysis.

Find an ND you like. Here’s mine.

Then find a gym.

A gym is one of those location, location, location deals. The closer it is, the more likely you’ll go.

Check your neighborhood for the nearest 24Hour Fitness.

To feel better about gym money, go to Costco.

Two years will cost $650.00. That’s $325 a year.

If you workout an hour and a quarter four times a week, plan a five hour block.

Now you’re hitting it twenty hours a month, 240 hours a year.

The money and time? $1.35 an hour. Check the math.

Compare that with the medical savings for being in shape.

You’ve got the money, Boomer. Make the time.

(research thanks to SB, Inc.)



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