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Translation For Boomer Exercise, pt 1

From The UK, (not the picture.)



Exercise changes with each border. It’s a cultural deal.

What doesn’t change is the effect on the human body.

A Zoomba class in the picture shows proof.

What follows uses UK ideas applied to America.

Then applied to baby boomers. That’s what boomerpdx does. It’s a cultural deal.

Get ready to sweat one out.

1. Increase boomer stress resilience.

You know stress better than most. Feel it in your shoulders, your neck, your spine? You’re no spring chicken, but you feel springy. Use the energy to workout and ditch stress.

2. Reduce boomer anxiety.

More workout means less anxiety? Not if you start then stop.  Don’t add that anxiety to the pile. Stay on schedule.

3. Lower dementia risk.

Call it better blood circulation. Make your heart pump, move your blood a little faster. On go…Go.

4. Escape a bad boomer mood.

Go to a gym and see people straining themselves. Their faces say bad mood. That’s not you. Smile like it’s all easy, but not too easy.

5. Cut down on cocaine.

Serous? Cocaine? This is a good reminder, but does exercise work for the stronger Oreo addiction too?

6. Fight boomer depression.

It’s more than a bad mood. Get checked out, then get a trainer. Sometimes you need to find the track before you get on it. Find a guide.

7. Speed up your mind.

During your workouts do you hear a voice asking why you even bother? Why, why, why, like Nancy Kerrigan after Tonya Harding’s pals clubbed her knee? The best answer is Do it for your brain. If you’re reading this it’s working.

8. Consolidate long-term memory.

Log your exercise schedule on the calendar. Call it a plan, a prescription, a necessity. Be there. Long term.

9. Boost self-control.

No on acts out on the bench press, at least not with 315 on the rack. (Don’t put 315 on the bar until you warm up really well. REALLY well. Better yet, just watch someone do it while you do knee push-ups.)


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