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It’s not a language problem.

A slow sail up river

Travel Portland is in English, well written English.

It’s a very professional effort with a beautiful website and great navigation.

You couldn’t ask for more, but where’s the fun in that?

To help visiting Baby Boomers improve their Portland experience, follow boomerpdx shortcuts.

Let’s start:

Things to see and do in Portland?

The only garden you’ll want to see is in Washington Park. It’s the original Portland Rose Garden, the best smelling place on the west coast.

To get there take West Burnside, a major thoroughfare, up the hill and follow the signs. If you cross the river and get lost on the east side of town, don’t worry. You’ll find nice parks there, too.

Visitors love Portland parks, especially those living where parks and parking lots are the same thing.

TR and the mural

Next, check the box beside the Oregon Historical Society for the first museum stop in Portland. Once there, you’ll find a place pulling you through the Oregon Country.

Enjoy the time warp of history.

Ask a question while you’re there: Why was the entire northwest section of America named the Oregon Country instead of Idaho Country or Washington? Why not California Country?

After you find an answer, walk out the park side of the museum, past Teddy Roosevelt on his horse.

The Portland Art Museum takes up the entire block in front of you. Head inside. You’ll love it.

To get to both museums, leave Washington Park and drive downhill on Burnside.

The Timbers’ soccer stadium comes up on the right. Keep going.

There’s the Flat Iron-looking building splitting a lane off to the right. Go straight.

Look for the Broadway sign on the right turn. Make the turn off Burnside. Pass Mary’s Club. Go past The Benson Hotel. Pioneer Square is ahead on the left opposite Nordstom’s.

Slow down near the vertical PORTLAND sign on the right, but keep going.

Two blocks up, turn right on Jefferson, then the next right on tenth. You’ll see a red brick building on the left behind a statue of a man on a horse. Halfway down the block on the right a plaza opens up in front of a ten story mural of Oregon history.

Boomerpdx Lesson: Drive around the neighborhood to find a parking spot. The streets are one way and it’s a beautiful

Portland State campus. Turn around

Park Block walk no matter where you end up.

Better Boomer says, after the Rose Gardens, the Oregon History Museum, and Portland Art Museum, you’ll want a beer. First go back to your car to get oriented. Walk back to Teddy Roosevelt and his horse and turn uphill toward the Portland State campus.

After a few short blocks you’ll find Market Street. Turn right and find a seat. If it’s dark when you leave, stay on the sidewalk. Avoid the stairs leading back to the park blocks. Even locals get turned around under the right circumstances.

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