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If you’ve got no friends on the left, then you’re right for the Trump Army.

Like the preeminent brain of our time, belonging to Neil deGrasse Tyson, BoomerPDX strives to gather information and let readers decide.

Why not follow the leading American astrophysicist, cosmologist, author, and science communicator’s tactics when it comes to the political side?

Political Science, my friends, political science. If it’s science, the Neil knows.

If you run into Mr. Tyson today, ask him to comment on this odd coincidence with Donal Trump, presidential candidate, and the Trump Army.

When you hear the word ‘Army’ most think of things military, but army also tags sports fans. Portland, Oregon knows this better than most with the Portland Timbers soccer team playing in their first title game.

The Timbers’ Army will be watching.

The Trump Army will be watching something today, too. Probably not a soccer match, though.

Instead, the Trump Army will be looking for any sight of their man on television, online, or on the front of a magazine.

The most fervent among the Jowly Ginger’s fans come from the age group of 50-64, prime baby boomer years.


“Donald Trump, the billionaire former reality television star currently leading the Republican presidential primary race got some good news Friday, in the form of a national CNN/ORC poll that has him dominating the field with 36 percent support – 20 percentage points higher than his closest challenger. The poll also shows that Trump runs significantly stronger among less-educated, less-affluent voters, and performs particularly well among voters in the 50-64 age range.”

This is the good news? People my age standing up for a grand stander? If ever there was The Man to stick it to, wouldn’t baby boomers choose Trump?

Let’s agree that a college degree does not a genius make. Mr. Tyson would still be a genius if he didn’t go to college, we just wouldn’t know about him.

If a smart guy starts explaining things you don’t know about, like the professor did on your first day of  Organic Chemistry, you take notes and check teacher’s credentials.

You can check Mr. Trump’s history on your own, BoomerPdx will check another statistic associated with his fan base.


“The suicide rate for both younger and older Americans remains virtually unchanged, however, the rate has spiked for those in middle age (35 to 64 years old) with a 28 percent increase (link is external) from 1999 to 2010. The rate for whites in middle-age jumped an alarming 40 percent during the same time frame.”

Is it normal for a group, middle aged non-degree white men, to see someone so eager to please them that he dumbs himself down hoping his constituents can’t tell the difference?

Look, college isn’t easy.

For example, I started in 1973 fall term and graduated spring term of 1991. I’ll do the math. Eighteen years, one Army tour, moves back and forth across the country, married, kids, job, house.

Does it sound like a joyous break from real life while I ‘found myself?’ It wasn’t, but I did find a bullshit detector.

From the sound and fury that is Donald Trump, he looks like a man willing to prey on vulnerable middle aged white men he knows don’t have a clue. Will he turn his back on them?

Running for President of the United States is one thing, pushing people toward the edge of their mortality is another. Maybe the Trump Army doesn’t care one way or the other.

Do you? Neil deGrasse Tyson might look at the numbers of the Trump Army age group and the age of those most likely to do themselves in.

50-64 for one.

35-64 on the other.

It’s too close to home for this baby boomer blogger.



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  1. Alex Paul says:

    It is interesting watching the Trump phenomenon. I’m reminded of the 2011 tsunami that hit Japan and the video shot by people in high rise buildings. The people safely in high rise buildings could see the tsunami happening, they could remark about how horrible it was, but there was absolutely nothing they could do about it. Trump is on his way to being the next American President. And if you don’t believe me, just remember that Austria voted 98% in favor of being annexed into Germany before WW2 so that Hitler could save Austria. Hitler just said all the things the Austrians were thinking. OF course, it became apparent that Hitler wasn’t honest in his speeches, but by then it was too late.

    I have no idea whether Trump will stick to his promises, however, for the American voter, he has hit the magic zone by being pro-gun, pro-choice, against Terror and immigration and for drastically lowering and simplifying the tax code while at the same time wanting to modify our trade relationships to bring manufacturing jobs back to our country. This right wing shift is occurring in Europe, look at the surge by the right wing in French politics.

    So, we can continue to say racist remarks about Trump that hope to be humorous, like laughing at Trump’s ginger hair comb over, (can you imagine someone daring to comment on Obama’s hair in the last two elections, that would have been racist, wouldn’t it?), but Trump’s ginger hair is somehow fair game, but… it’s racist.

    However, laughing at Trump won’t stop Trump, just like saying that a charging elephant is fat won’t affect the direction the charging elephant is running. Love him or hate him, Trump is going to be President. I’m going to vote for Rand Paul but I don’t think that will stop the Trump Tsunami.

    • David Gillaspie says:

      Very nice, Alex. Thanks for coming in. American politics are an unusual process. How unusual?

      Nixon probably won the 1960 elections but didn’t protest the vote for the good of the nation.

      Nixon didn’t run in ’64, but got it done in ’68. So much for peace and love, right?

      He swept the elections in 1972 but still needed to hit Watergate. Didn’t his advisers know he had it wrapped up?

      Carter won in ’76 because he wasn’t a Republican.

      Reagan won in ’80 with his shady dealings, and again in ’84.

      HW Bush won in ’88 with Reagan momentum.

      So far so good?

      Clinton won in ’92 with help, again in ’96.

      GW Bush won in 2000 with Florida help, in 2004 with Ohio helpers.

      Obama took 2008 and 2012.

      If President Obama was a huge swing to the left you’d be right with Trump. The system doesn’t need that large correction.

      On Big Red’s ginger hair: I call him the Jowly Ginger based on his need to light up others based on appearance. He can take the return on his own initiatives. My take on Trump is that he isn’t in it for the long haul. He might decided his last day on the job as President of the US isn’t the same as expected.

      He wouldn’t be the first quitter.

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