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underdog oregon football

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Underdog Beavers beat underdog Oregon football.

The theory of underdog Oregon football goes like this:

We all like underdogs until your team loses to one.

It’s hard on players, fans, boosters, but not the other team.

The Beavers love the notoriety of taking down the one time national champ contender.

That’s what happened and the celebration will last decades, or to next week.

Underdog Oregon Football got to the big time as new kids on the block.

Win or lose, everyone came home better for the experience.

We all got a little fan’s plastic trophy and a juice box, also known as fancy beer.

What award do you get for losing to the Oregon State Beavers?

1. The promise next season holds for a return to greatness.

2. No more Rent-A-QB.

3. A coach who won’t look for easy solutions, give up 70 points, and lose the locker room.

Today it’s an OSU world in Oregon underdog football land.

You get that by winning the 120th edition of the fifth longest rivalry game in D1 football.

Oregon needs their own Gary Andersen the way Oregon State needed their own Chip Kelly.

One expert said Oregon colleges need a Coach of Coaches position to raise college football in the state.

That candidate is busy coaching the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Who better to navigate the NCAA and NAIA than Mike Riley?

How would a Coach of Coaches Riley worked with Ryan Nall?

Better than this from oregonlive:

In the midst of a visit from Oregon head coach Mark Helfrich, Pyne inquired directly about when the Ducks planned to offer the senior a scholarship. But an offer never arrived from Eugene or any other Pac-12 school after Oregon State. Had Mike Riley and OSU not come calling, Nall said he would have joined his brother at Portland State.

In state recruiting needs a kick. Keep Oregonian stars in Oregon schools.

Who wants to see more Wrecking Nall ripping through every defense stacked against him?

Sign me up. I saw him do the same thing against Tigard when he played for Central Catholic and wondered if he’d make the jump to the next level.

He answered that question, and more.

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