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Weekend Boomer Call: The Hazel Room

A Hungry Crowd On Portland’s SE Hawthorne

“Wake up, fall out of bed, drag a comb across your head. Find your way downstairs and drink a cup.”

If it worked for the Beatles, it’ll work for you.

Now what?

The Hazel Room, that’s what.

An informal poll of suburban boomers shows a growing trend. They don’t want to drive a mile for coffee, or a cool place to drop in. They want to walk around the corner.

And that corner’s on SE Hawthorne.

Here’s what you can look forward to, “Join us for cocktail specials, cheap beer, wine, and small plates. Both The Hazel Room and MAG-BIG are proud to be small independent businesses in your community and are thankful for the support of our loyal customers, friends and family.”

What’s missing on a visit to the Hazel Room? Boomers like a little context, a little history, to chew on. From,

“Though the location has taken many forms (art gallery, thrift store, and the former location of The Dollar-Scholar), soon to be married proprietors Katie & Christopher have returned the building to its former majesty and created their own unique, tea house inspired atmosphere that mixes the Victorian old-world aesthetic with local modern art and music.

“Named in honor of Katie’s Great Grandmother who ran a tea house/speakeasy during the prohibition, The Hazel Room offers a unique Tea & Coffee Cocktail menu, Wine, Beer & Absinthe, along with gourmet sandwiches, in-house baked goods and a weekend boutique brunch all in the warmth of a cozy classic space.”

It sounds good, looks even better, and the sign says “Open.”

BoomerPDX Lesson: It’s your city, get into it.

Better Boomer says, when you find new places that feel like a time warp, go in and check it out.

The Hazel Room and Mag-Big from Hawthorne Blvd courtesy of


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