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What Early Boomers Passed Down: The Land Dream

Happy Flowers Make A Dark Day Lighter

They watched their dads put on a gray flannel suit in the 50’s, fire up the Ford, and start the morning commute.

He drove to the city, or to the park and ride for the train. Maybe mom dropped him off with young boomer in back.

Fast forward out of the suburbs and early boomer reconsiders her parents’ lifestyle.

She wants more. And less.

More connection to the land, less interference from the modern day runaround.

Early boomer came of age in the ’60’s. It was hectic. Just ask one.

Is going back to the land a dream past due? For these people, back to land means more than a reserved plot at the local cemetery.

It’s a chance to create the sort of roots that hold fast against the winds of change. Tornadoes and hurricanes got nothing on the winds of change. One might kill you, but the other makes you feel dead if you don’t keep up.

BoomerPDX Lesson: If you’re feeling down, like life has passed you by, get a shovel and get dirty. Plant something and feel the growth.

Better Boomer says, going back to the land, even your backyard, means paying attention to the seasons and the beauty of change at a natural pace. Make it your pace, too.



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