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When Baby Boomers Cry, They Cry A River For Everyone

It’s Okay, Boomer. You’ve Earned Your Tears.

Do women seem offended by men who cry? That they are less than manly?

Not Baby Boomer women. They like men in touch with their emo side.

Crying is healthy.

Sweating is healthy during exercise, so tears must be a good thing.

Tears of pity, yes. Tears of self-pity, not so much. If you cry for your own mistakes, get over it so you can start fixing those screw ups.

The list of crying men is as long as the list of men who ever lived. If you’re not on it yet, you will be. 

Crying during an emotional event means you’re showing feelings. Men who show their emotions are considered brave in many circles.

If you are moved by your emotions, have a good cry. You don’t want a clogged tear duct.

Some examples of men crying, and some who should never cry: 

  • The German Wehrmacht just rolled France and the Heer (army) marches down your favorite boulevard in complete triumph.

You are a distraught Frenchman who still remembers World War One.

While the world bows to France as a leader in lifestyle, you know change is coming, or death.

Nazi officers may want to live in your house, sit in your cafe, and date your wife and daughters. And you’ll let them, or die.

Your hero, Charles de Gaulle, has already evacuated to London where he encourages you to fight it out. You know how that would end. Death.

The women behind you make plans to appease the Germans in a French fashion. They might cry later when they get the collaborator hairstyle. 

The man on the far right looks ready to join the underground, his steely visage already counting dead Germans as they march by.

Is this the time for tears? For acceptance? Or a call for a battle to the death?

  • What do you do when you lead every list as the most evil man who ever lived?

Have a good cry.

You didn’t want to be an evil dictator. All you wanted to do was paint. You’re an artist seeking an audience.

What went wrong?

Some will call you a good leader up to a point, but you know better. You gathered people to die. You sacrificed Germany for your plan to rule the world and turned it into a well engineered death machine for a run to the top.

Hey Hitler, no one wins that race, no one. As ruler of the world you can’t give away a death camp vacation package to everyone disagreeable to you.

After you stabbed Stalin in the back, fired missiles into England, and sent German children onto the battlefield, you lost any connection to decent humans and murderous dictators. Listen, Adolph, you can’t kill everyone, though you tried.

You let Russian tanks and American bombers flatten your country. Even your top generals wanted you dead.

In the end, you didn’t want to be taken alive and paraded around Russia in show trials, or worse, die and have the same Russian taxidermist who stuffed Lenin fix you up.

You lived by the paint brush, died by the gun, then gassed up for your own burner.

Does he get to cry? You made the rest of the world weep, corporal Hitler, no tears for you.

  • You once promised the press wouldn’t have you to kick around, then kicked yourself.

You lost the 1960 Presidential election and didn’t challenge for the good of the country.

Then lost the California governor’s race and quit politics.

You didn’t keep your word.

You ran the Vietnam War by making their leaders think you were a crazy man capable crazy things. Is that taught at West Point or the War College?

You resigned the Presidency because you got caught covering up a traditional dirty tricks infested campaign. Some say you tried to subvert the U.S. Constitution; others say you betrayed the public trust.

Does Nixon deserve a good cry? No. No crocodile tears from you, sir.

A good cry clears the air, but not when the air is full of war and foul deeds. Then too many cry.

The top Man-Cry situation is one done along with a broken heart.

Hit the link and sing along.  These fellas done plenty o’ crying theyselves.

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