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Seeing Is Believing


If you get sick, you quarantine yourself.

Either you don’t want to get others sick, or you don’t want to hear them ask, “How do you feel,” over and over.

Eventually you want to get out of the sick house.

In Oregon you’re only a few miles away from spectacular scenery. It makes everyone feel better.

But what do you do when you’ve seen the views so often it feels like you’ve counted every leaf on every tree you see?

Three words: Birds Eye Imaging.

One of the most dramatic shots in movies is the swooping helicopter-cam shot. It turns the camera into an action star and creates drama in an otherwise calm environment.

And it creates anticipation. You know something jaw-dropping is going to happen. With the incredible costs of Hollywood movie making, something big has to happen.

Such impressive camera work is out of reach for regular people. Hire a helicopter? Rent a movie camera? Most of the time a picture like the one at the top of this post is as good as it gets.

Not anymore.

Birds Eye Imaging replaces the helicopter with the drone cam. If you saw the 60 Minutes piece on Amazon’s new idea for home delivery, then you know what a drone looks like. They landed one in someone’s driveway. It’s not big.

Imagine a favorite trail through the woods. Now you don’t have to imagine it. The drone cam flies the trail and brings the video home. It flies over the trees, through the trees. Most of all it gives you a breath taking, “WOW” moment.

Around here we take the Columbia Gorge for granted, but if you listen to first time visitors it sounds like one of the wonders of the world. The truth is we’ve seen the gorge so often it fades into the background and our destination is more important than the journey.

Birds Eye Imaging shows the gorge from the drone cam and it is amazing. It’s a flight of fancy without leaving the ground.

The best thing I’ve seen is the drone cam over Portland. It follows traffic along the Hawthorne Bridge. It shows the river, then cruises under the bridge. This city has never looked better.

From grand establishing shots, to an intimate moment of a man showing a little boy how to hit a baseball, Birds Eye Imaging turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. The first time I saw the videos I thought of the movie ‘Gravity’ where I found myself holding my breath.

Call it breath taking?

If you were looking for a new house, would you like to see the neighborhood? The surrounding countryside? Real estate people could use the drone cam to show off properties in their best light.

Like all tools, the results depend on the skills of the photographer. Owning a saw and a hammer doesn’t make you a carpenter any more than owning a camera makes you an artist.

From the video showing on, you’re in good hands with this crew. Take s look and get ready for a “WOW.” They read the light, the height, and the distance to create a story you want to join.

Just remember to breath.

Afterward, come back and leave a comment on where you’d like the drone cam to fly.

Me? I nominate Crater Lake for an outdoor location.

Indoors? A museum like the Oregon Historical Society could produce a drone cam video of their galleries. No one could say “history is too dry” after that.

What are your drone cam picks?




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