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When The Lights Go Down In The City

The Neon Gets Better.


On a cold, dark, night, a city asks for caution.

Even the familiar takes on an extra foreboding.

With others, or walking alone, the sound of footsteps behind you quickens your pace.

Empty shadows carry secrets you don’t want to know.

Some streets are just not very inviting. Even in the sweet smelling Rose City things still go sour.

Then you see the signs in front of Kelly’s and the mood changes.

Evil and neon, especially such beautiful neon, don’t belong together.

Whether you go inside Kelly’s or not, now you can relax and enjoy downtown.

It feels like an oasis, an invitation, the sort of sign every business ought to show.

Portland is a beer town known far and wide with brew pubs and tasting rooms, but there’s something different about a place over a hundred years old that got half it’s name from Olympia beer.

Have you heard of Olympia beer? Their ads boasted, “It’s The Water.” They knew it was the water and didn’t do anything about it? That was the joke when Olympia or Blitz was the best local choice, when Coors wasn’t sold in Oregon.

You won’t find Olympia beer on Kelly’s menu, just the brews that keep people coming back for more.

When you plan a night out check Kelly’s music schedule. Head in, but not before you admire that neon.

Drag some baby boomers who complain they don’t get out much. It’s Friday night, give them a nice surprise. Tell them boomerpdx sent you.




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