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If You Never Fix What’s Not Broken, You’re Not Looking Hard Enough. There’s A Big Break.
China Air via news.xinhuan

China Air via news.xinhuan

China is the world’s factory. Everyone agrees.

If you disagree, look at labels in the nearest big box store.

It’s also leading, or mentioned, in other categories too.

Human rights, pollution, the usuals. Sometimes it’s a thin line between a factory and a sweatshop.

Once the line gets defined, it plays into the cultural relationships between nations.

Not everyone toes the same line. What’s acceptable one place isn’t in another.

Imagine, if you will, those intrepid souls who lead Walmart, Kmart, Home Depot, Costco, and other companies who know a good deal when they see it.

Like a good American I check prices and read labels. Where was it made?

Has China Always Been A Big Factory?

The world’s factory status changes from the Industrial Revolution in England, to the American Century, and now China.

One thing all three share is the after effects of manufacturing. Just like you crack a few eggs to make an omelet, you poison a few rivers and lakes and lots of air when production outweighs environmental concern.

To make things worse, now wealthy Chinese families are leaving the country. How did the desire for clean air, food, and a better life anywhere but China for their kids change love of country?

Why Would Anyone Leave Their Homeland?

Education is the culprit here. So is access to the West. If you can afford a television or magazines, you might see pictures of places where people don’t get conned by their government into thinking tainted food, air, and ideology are normal.

If you have the means to move, why not move? Ditch the mask, the food fear, the counterfeit medicine, along with the question of cat/rabbit meat.

Go where regulations are strict enough not to find plastic tapioca pudding, expired meat in global brands, and lamb that’s not rat meat.

Is There Anyplace Better Than Here?

Where is this land of dreams for China’s rich? America, of course. From

emigration-chartThe land of the free, home of the brave looks like a prime destination for monied Chinese. And it ought to be.

Come to America where no one is watching how many kids you have, at least no one but your nosey new neighbors.

Come to America and enjoy a clean food delivery system…while it lasts. Portland recently dumped tens of thousands of gallons from a reservoir after video showed someone urinating in it. That doesn’t happen everywhere, but it did here.

Come to America where you can breath free…on good days. A temperature inversion is geek-talk for bad air.

You can even complain here without getting arrested or shot…most of the time.

Your kids will enjoy free public schools, but you might want to put them in private school.

Is America Still Friendly?

Just know you’re not the first to show up with high hopes for your kids. We all have high hopes for our kids. The difference is some of us have high hopes for other kids, too.

If your kids are good at sports, you will feel the community love.

Come and show us how to make America better. Become a citizen and stand up for your rights. Just remember, freedom isn’t free, so you’ll have a few bumps along the way.

If you have any questions, ask a baby boomer.

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