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Picking two winners on the same night? Good luck with that.

Tuesday night was Willamette Writer, WilWrite Night, for WordPress at Portland’s Old Church, and Game 2 in the NBA playoffs in California.

Which one to focus on?

With time for one or the other, which one to choose: a power point presentation on WordPress, or a power forward demonstration by Draymond Green?

Dedication to both means shortchanging one or the other, especially when your DVR is down.

I saw the first half from a church pew, or would have if it was on.

In the end I cheated both, bailing on Jocelyn Mozak of Mozak Design once she got to the Q & A part of the Willamette Writer program, and bailing on the Portland Trail Blazers once they had the game won in the fourth quarter.

Turns out only one of the events had a Portland winner.

If the Golden State Warrior stars Green and Klay Thompson had been in the Old Church instead of a basketball court, Portland would have had two winners.

Jocelyn Mozak drove that point home with force, more force than the Blazers put on the Warriors in the fourth quarter.

How can you tell a good web designer from the rest? The good ones look like they don’t get outside much. Ms Mozak looked good.

Was the WilWrite crowd was more WordPress fan or Trail Blazer fan.

They seemed more distracted than usual with the questions asked.

My biggest question was the game score since Mozak nailed WordPress so well.

The only thing I would have added is a different answer to the writer who said he had a lot of books to cram into one webpage. Would he need a lot of webpages?

My solution is creating a hierarchical series of book pages on a sidebar to let readers click from one to the next. It makes a visual statement of productivity.

Web designers like Jocelyn Mozak use WordPress plugins for their functionality the same way coaches use players.

If there’s a need, there’s a solution, unless it’s Golden State in the fourth quarter and coach of the year Steve Kerr dials up his team with functionality, physicality, and the competitive spirit.

The Blazers couldn’t answer the challenge at the end of the game. And lost.

On the other hand the tenacious WilWrite people refuse to lose. They keep their competitive edge sharp.

Like the Blazers, we come from all walks of life, from all corners of the globe; like players pursuing their games, we pursue our truths.

Baby boomers in the crowd might be awed by the array of technology they face on WordPress, but getting coached up by Jocelyn makes it less fearful.

WilWrite members couldn’t beat the Warriors on their best night; this member hopes the Blazers have better luck next time.

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