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Work on habits, not goals? What about goal oriented people?


Long term goals don’t happen overnight. You achieve them by doing the little things.

For instance, you decide you’d like to run a marathon.

Do you find the nearest race with the closest date and just sign up?

Some people do, but what would you do?

If you’ve seen the end of a marathon race then you’ve seen people who trained, and people who didn’t.

Those limping across the finish line with blood stains on their shirt? Poor training.

New shoes ruin your feet at first, just like old shoes, when you trot around for hours and hours.

The bloody shirt? Different story.

Different fabrics have different scales of abrasiveness. Think of sandpaper.

Now imagine sanding your nipples for hours until they bleed. Then put on a shirt, any shirt.

Now it’s a bloody shirt.

That’s no one’s goal.

You need a running habit to do it right, not like the first marathoner.

When does habit turn to compulsion, then to addiction?

Those are the steps, habit, compulsion, addiction?

About those goals. Good habits bring goals closer.

Compulsions? Not so much. That’s where good and bad come into play.

Compulsions and addictions lead the race of good and bad.

An addict is doing whatever it takes to reach a goal.

Ordinarily addiction runs with bad choices. They go counter productive to set goals.

Compulsions come in second behind addictions.

Don’t both sound like they need some sort of therapy?

Habits and goals go hand in hand.

If you’re a blogger, you need a writing habit.

Novelists need a writing habit, and a ton of organizational skill.

Screenwriters need a writing habit and visualization. No one goes to a movie to look at a blank screen.

However you roll the dice, do it with good habits and you’ll achieve your goals.

And reap the rewards. Don’t forget about reaping rewards.

You’ve done the work, done it right, now relax.

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