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Tyrell Fortune Outside Portland Community Media Studios For Portland Sports Beat

Tyrell Fortune Outside Portland Community Media Studios For Portland Sports Beat

As a Baby Boomer blogger and sports fan, it’s important to keep up with local athletes.

Sometimes that means going the extra mile. But first a little history.

In the world of amateur wrestling, the first two World Champions were Oregonians. And they won their titles the same year at the same tournament.

The first was Rick Sanders who wrestled for Portland State. The second was Fred Fozzard who went to Oklahoma State. The third?

NW Boomer predicts Tyrell Fortune will bring one home.

This is a man committed to his sport, but more important, committed to doing things right.

When an opening came up for a segment on Portland Sports Beat, he was my first call. Actually, his coach Josh Rhoden at Clackamas Community College was my first call since he had Tyrell’s number. tyrell3 One evening Josh Rhoden,¬†Tyrell, and Amira George met at the Portland Community Media studios.

Your faithful blogger was listed as the ‘facilitator’ on the shoot sheet. But it was more than show up and sit down.

Like all brand-workers, a great story isn’t one to pass up., and Tyrell is a great story in the making.

Ryan Johnson and PJ Miller got things together and moved the guests into the studio.

The green tint glows from the green screen. That’s show business.

Before heading in I asked Tyrell and Amira to keep an eye out and tell me afterwards who they’d like be on camera, which job the wanted to work toward. tyrell4 Once inside the studio it was a quiet zone, so I passed notes like grade school.

Was Tyrell nervous about being under the lights?

The guy just finished wrestling in Russia where he said the food was great. He’s bullet proof.

When food was the subject, Coach Rhoden added, “If you want to know about food, ask a heavyweight.” tyrell5 Co-hosts Brad Stein and Michelle Cruz handled the intros and ads.

If you’re looking at the image and thinking, ‘great studio,’ it is.

As an accused self-promoter, I was happy to be in such good company. tyrell6 When you watch the segment, remember the wrestling part is about half way through the broadcast.

The image above captures the action. Toward the end, PJ asked Tyrell if he had anything else to say.

Like a pro, he said, “Get online and find Save Olympic Wrestling and show your support.”

I’ll add one more. Go to Restore College Wrestling in Oregon¬†and see what they’re doing. The more visibility for any sport creates enthusiasm, and that’s what makes sports irresistible.

We all share the excitement. CCC Wrestling is the only college program near Portland. Give them a hit, a like on facebook, and spread their good news.


At the end of the day, this boomer blogger says find the best stories that flip the switch for you, then write and post with conviction.

Tyrell Fortune has conviction. So does Amira George.

Will they turn into media stars?

Ask yourself this question, ” Who would you rather see on television?”

If it was a matter up for vote, I’d stuff that ballot box.

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