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Is There A Difference?
All my flowers won't bloom at once. Rip off. Logging onto Yelp to review Mother Nature.

All my flowers won’t bloom at once. Rip off. Logging onto Yelp to review Mother Nature.

What drives people to write yelp reviews?

Great service and food brings out the positive.

Anything less? Forget about it.

If you’re not spending money on being pampered, do you need to ┬ácomplain you’re not being pampered?

Find a hair in your food while you’re out and jump on yelp with, “I’m being poisoned”, review.

Next time go the the bald and beautiful restaurant. No chance of hair there.

When you get a food bill and it seems high, complain on yelp.

“The prices are high and the portions are small.”

This happened on a Pok Pok review. The prices are high? You saw the menu. You can add. Say the portions are small, but save the cost analysis.

Besides, with the new Thai food cookbook out by chef Andy Ricker, you’re going to his place to test your cooking skills.

Is anyone else worn out by keyboard kings ruling a world they can’t change? If you want predictable food, stay home and cook.

Going out means leaving your comfort zone. Portland isn’t always a challenging place. A man from Chicago said he’s never felt threatened anywhere in Portland.

How about you? Is this a scary place? Coming from a bigger city from another region, Portland looks like a throwback in the modern world. Not so much the future, but the past.

Portlandia makes fun of it with their dream of the nineties living here.

Come from a small town with one traffic light and Portland might be too much. The beauty of that is finding the small town vibe in the big city.

Who doesn’t yearn for simpler times? Read any other baby boomer blog and find out. They’re full of nostalgia and fond memories. Maybe you are too, in your spare time.

Since you’re reading boomerpdx, your spare time is more productive. Life still might suck, but you find something to make of it every day.

The motto around here is UP. Step UP, boomer UP, get UP. And no, it’s not some stoner code for an apres-weed moment. UP is moving your body, swing yourself in as many directions as you can think of for as long as it feels right.

Do you want some back porch boomer comfort? Some relaxation methods? It’s around, but it’s best after you do something else. We don’t support relaxing as a way of life. Instead, take it up, then let it down. Slowly.

Think of your day as a breath. You can’t hold your breath all day. Work the O2 like a boss, then hit the yoga breath: Slow air in the nose, slow air out the mouth, and repeat.

If you’re feeling better, you’re looking better. This stuff shows. You may not know it, but everyone you interact with does.

Don’t be the butt of the joke about over-stressed, over-worked, over-done boomers.

Breath in, breath out. Now go kick some butt the right way and review that on yelp.

And smell the flowers.

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  1. Like. Good advice Dave

    • David Gillaspie says:

      In the vein of any press is good press. Situations pop up when you head out the front door. Nothing’s perfect, but it’s the effort to come closer that makes the difference.

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