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Numbers Don’t Lie? They Might

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How often do you spring out of bed in the morning ready for the best day of your life?

Often? Not often? Never?

The good news is the older you get, the better you feel.

Or you’re just lying to an interviewer.

In England it’s one or the other.

Ordinarily a stiff upper lip gets stiffer with age. It doesn’t fall off, but it might feel that way.

Baby boomers look at the rising generations and try to set an example on how to live.

Getting old and feeble? Suck it up and hit the gym.

Feeling like life has passed you by? Join the crowd and make something out of yourself.

Our brothers and sisters across the pond have a sweet saying that’s made the rounds: “Keep Calm And Carry On.”

Not an easy task, but if you live on an island and you’ve been bombed by Nazis like England was in WWII, everything else must be easier.

Disasters come and go, but as long as it’s not a Nazi inspired disaster how bad can it be?

An article in London’s Daily Telegraph reports that retirees feel better than they have since their mid-30s:

“Those in the youngest group, aged 16 to 24, unsurprisingly ranked their health most highly with a 75 per cent satisfaction rate. People in their late  20s and early 30s showed a health satisfaction rate just over 70 per cent, which  drifted to 69 per cent by the late 30s.

The rates fell to just over 60 per cent by the age of 59 but jumped to 67 per cent among those between 65 and 70. For men the rates continued at similar  levels until their mid-70s.”

This explains why the Rolling Stones still tour. They’ve got Satisfaction. Time is on their side. And the real reason they tour and play? Because they still can.

Now is a good time for boomers to take a lesson from the bad boys of rock. Instead of mourning what you can’t do, make of list of what you can.

Learn to work around what you can’t do and still get things done. What’s the other option? Lay down and quit.

If you keep up, stay active, and thrive, you too may feel like you did in your mid-30s. When the feeling hits, stop for a cup of tea and celebrate.

Be ready for the push-back when you tell your friends about your rejuvenation.

“I feel like I’m 35 again,” you say.

“Like you remember what that feels like,” they say. “You can’t even remember where you put your phone without calling it.”

When that conversation happens, and it will, just smile.

Keeping calm and carrying on is the best revenge on age. And snippy friends.

Be ready to catch a double bird.









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