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Pain relief moves from legal heroin to physical therapy, exercise, and over the counter pills? Who knew?

I wrote a post about an author’s reading called BLACK TAR HEROIN, SAM QUINONES, AND DREAMLAND.

Sam Quinones showed up in Powell’s City of Books and talked about pill mills supplying zombie customers with their opioid prescriptions; about the pin action of pills to needles,  pharmacist to chiva man.

He called out Portland and Columbus, Ohio.

The post keeps getting read. The recent news shows why.

CDC says opioids no more.

“Stop over prescribing opioids,” they tell chronic pain doctors.

Still, my readers ask why such an inflammatory post shows up in the most read list so often.

Now this news.

If anything prevents another re-hab jolt for a drug addict trying to find their way out of the judicial system, I’m all for it. Let education take it’s course.

A regular hype won’t sit still for classroom instruction, especially when the teacher just came out of the parking lot after smoking a load of kief. Hippie crack is a job killer in any profession, especially head of the at risk group.

A book can be magic.

Drug addicts recognize the opioids addict.

They know each other like radar. One on the way to health can see one on the way down better than anyone.

Now the Center for Disease Control finally sees the connection between prescription drugs and black tar heroin?


Thanks for coming out of that closet.

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