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This is now it happens, just like this with no exceptions for race, religion, nationality, gender, orientation, or other sharp distinctions of separation.


How do I know it happens like this for everyone? Because if it didn’t happen like this for you, this is your new memory:



This magic moment
So different and so new
But like any other
Until I kissed you


And then it happened
It took me by surprise
I knew that you felt it too
By the look in your eyes


Sweeter than wine
Softer than the summer night
Everything I want I have
Whenever I hold you tight


This magic moment
While your lips are close to mine
Will last forever
Forever till the end of time


Harken back to your first kiss, the one you gave and the one received. Then the kiss after that, and after and after. A kiss is but a kiss, right?


And then it happened, it took you by surprise, so different and so new. The Drifters did a song that could be the history of civilization, except for the civilized part.


Until this multicultural world gets a better handle on how to treat people with fairness and dignity the stain of hate and violence will never wash out.


But we keep scrubbing and the mud rinses away a little at a time, just not enough dirt and never fast enough, until we’re used to the dingy results.


That’s when the blaming starts.


“I look like shit because of them, and them, and them, and them,” goes the cry.


“But you don’t look any different than anyone else.”


“I would if it wasn’t for people like you.”


This is an example of an unmagical moment that ruins magic moments. If you’re a blamer, stop.


What if you’ve been unfairly blamed? That’s the sort of bullshit that lasts until the end of time, the grudge, the harboring, the remoteness.


It could be a problem? It usually is.


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