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Boomerpdx Discovers New Oregon History

And Roosevelt High School Rough Writers. 


What pops into your mind when you hear the word “History?”

Big books? Musty libraries? A gray bearded professor in tattered tweed?

It’s all part of history, just not the appealing part.

Why not make your own appealing history? Lay down the five pound doorstop of a book.

Take off your library-flu mask and step outside the classroom.

Then what? [Read More…]

Midwest Via East PDX

How To Know If The Food Is The Real Deal

(image courtesy

(image courtesy

Going out to a theme restaurant in Portland?

Heading downtown for some delicious ethnic food? The choices are endless.

Chinese food isn’t the only thing in Chinatown, but it’s a good bet you’ll find a place you like.

Other restaurant tells that let you know where they’re coming from: a checkered table cloth and Italian food, a Greek place and baklava, Japanese and sushi.

What can you expect when you walk into a place that promises “American food inspired by the Midwest?”

That was the question Friday night at the Savoy Tavern and Bistro on 2500 SE Clinton St.   [Read More…]




southern pride

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A young man wants to serve in the armed forces with southern pride? Good.


From the Greenville Gazette:

The Confederate Flag is a very controversial symbol. Many people believe that it is a symbol of racism and oppression while others think it is a symbol of southern pride. One of those people is Anthony Bauswell, who is a 18 year-old from Arkansas.

He wanted to join the Marines, but he was rejected because he has a Confederate Flag tattoo with the words “Southern Pride” on it. When Anthony’s recruiter saw the tattoo, he told Anthony that he was automatically disqualified. Anthony is hurt by the experience.

Keep in mind the Greenville Gazette, as in Greenville, South Carolina, so they know all about the Confederate Flag, the Confederate Flag in the county courthouse, back of a truck, and the Confederate Flag tattoo in the original story.

Just verifying.

That’s how honest media works.

Personal feeling here, Anthony sounds like a good recruit. Lazer that tattoo off, stay in shape, and try again.

Until then he should be hurt.

In so many ways he should feel hurt.

But first, this vignette on the current status of Southern Pride.

In this case, SOUTHERN PRIDE.

[Read More…]

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