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frida kahlo

In this day of the Selfie Artist, no one stands a chance compared to Frida Kahlo.

One third of all her paintings are portraits. Of her.

She’s not clicking a thousand times a day to capture one picture. She’s painting for the ages.

And the ages say thank you.

If you’re a Frida Fan, you know the story. If not, you will be a fan and know the story.

Don’t you look at this picture and see your loved one, your partner, mate, life coach, your lovie dovie, with your face on their forehead?

That’s all I see after seeing the Frida Kahlo show at the Heard Museum.

Actually it was Frida and her husband.

frida kahlo

If you’re keeping score: One woman artist paints her husband’s face on her forehead, then declares him her child, her lover, her universe. Whoever else Diego Rivera might be, he’s all Frida’s.

Before you turn the page thinking Frida Kahlo has burned a new image into your brain that won’t go away, take another look.

She opens the door to your own selfie expression.

frida kahlo

Why not photo bomb away at an art museum.

Frida would approve, though not of the eyebrows.

I need some work.

frida kahlo

Take a closer look at the face Frida painted.

Instead of glamming herself up like you’d do, like I’d do, she shows who she is.

And she’s not running a vanity studio.

frida kahlo

As strange as it sounds to some people, Frida Kahlo is a woman who likes the way she looks.

Why would she doctor her self portrait?

Why would anyone?

frida kahlo

Diego stands behind Frida before she paints his face on her face.

Is she working from a hidden mirror, or memory. She knows her face well enough. His too.

In this action photo she seems to be adding a little more shading.

Scroll up and see if you don’t want to see more of Diego’s face on Frida’s forehead. He pulls her face together like the right rug in a Lebowski room.

Now the warning: If you’re a man and you see a Frida Kahlo show with a woman you care about, one you spend time with, she will go through a Frida Phase.

Notice a new chunky necklace?

A few new fashions?

frida kahlo

Until you see your face tattooed on her forehead, it’s just a phase.

Does her Frida Phase mean you get a Diego Phase? No. If your wife has an attractive sister, an even bigger NO.

Instead, find someone you think you could run down if you had to, and ask them to take a picture of the two of you.

Make that the four of you.

Be a Frida Fan. It starts with a Frida Phase.

Repeat after me:

“That’s a beautiful necklace. Is it scratchy?”

“I love your new vest.”

“Why is your forehead so red? You didn’t paint my face on your face, did you?”

frida kahlo

Your take away? Find an art museum full of goofy stuff and get in the art mood.

Frida and Diego were hilarious to see on the walls of the Heard Museum, but the permanent collection stole the day.

First of all it was a hot as hell day in June before it was supposed to get that hot. It’s hotter now.

Seeing how others coped in the other Arizona made me feel like a pansy little whiner.

Second, my wife is a great museum fan. She loves churches and castles. We both jump into every place on the map. I’ve missed one and regret it. The Ely Cathedral. She’s got a nose for great places.

And third, The Heard is a treasure of native culture over the ages. A must see stop with or without Frida Kahlo.

Art does its job when it changes the mood you started with. The Heard Museum did it.

Elaine’s got her Frida Phase in full swing. New chunky rock necklace, new tall hair ideas.

I’m going with the hat.

Take another look at the first Frida shot with Diego on her face.

Now file that freaky shit in the Bad Ass Hall of Fame.

We will never see our faces on our lady’s forehead, but who doesn’t want to see it just once?

What’s Diego Rivera got that we’ll never have? Frida Kahlo for starters, but I’m still sticking with Elaine.

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