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It started by looking at a Frida Kahlo painting in the Heard Museum.

And grew from there.

The chunky turquoise necklace, the earrings, the bracelet?

It’s a start to a good thing.

Or is it?

From Vanity Fair:

Kirk Varnedoe, a chief curator of the Museum of Modern Art (which is exhibiting two of its three Kahlos in a summer show of women’s art), reflects on the Frida Phenomenon: “She clicks with today’s sensibilities—her psycho-obsessive concern with herself, her creation of a personal alternative world carry a voltage.

You’ll know when the Frida Kahlo starter kit goes too far

When you see the psycho-obsessive concern with things start kicking in, you might want to say something.

What is psycho-obsessive again?

Her constant remaking of her identity, her construction of a theater of the self are exactly what preoccupy such contemporary artists as Cindy Sherman or Kiki Smith and, on a more popular level, Madonna—who, of course, collects her work.

Can an introvert be a Frida fan?

If you retreat from attention, but wear the starter kit, you’re going to get looks.

Maybe Frida Kahlo was an introvert

Kahlo, incidentally, is more a figure for the age of Madonna than the era of Marilyn Monroe. She fits well with the odd, androgynous hormonal chemistry of our particular epoch.”

This Vanity Fair quote comes from 2013.

Kick me if I missed it, but what are the dates of ‘The Age of Madonna?”

Isn’t this the age of Adele? Of Beyonce? With Adele saying she’s not touring anymore, her age might be over.

If you could name this age, this era, this epoch, what would it be?

An old saying about Frank Sinatra was, “This is Frank’s world, we just live in it.”

Maybe this is still Frida’s world?

The starter kit says yes, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

What would Diego Rivera say?

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