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Most compliments on a clothing article start with, “Is that new?”

On the scale of admiration it’s nice knowing someone notices your good taste.

What’s the next rung up the compliment ladder?

“That’s looks good on you.”

If you’re wearing it you know it looks good, but it’s still nice to be noticed. You don’t need to say, “Everything looks good on me.”

How do you respond when you hear, “That is so beautiful. Tell me where I can find it. I need one, too?”

You need the perfect answer. Oregon artist David Delamare is here to help.


David was born in Leicester, UK but has spent most of his life in Portland, Oregon where he enjoys the cloudy weather. Though he likes to travel, he has never driven a car. He sleeps late and works deep into the night. When he’s not attending films, plays, or concerts he can usually be found at home or strolling in Portland’s Hawthorne District. He’s a bit reclusive and rarely makes public appearances, so if you have an opportunity to see him at a book signing or gallery opening, don’t miss it.”

The image at the top is part of the “Music Of The Sphere’s” collection from Icon Shoes based on a Delamare painting. He joins artists like Miro, Renoir, Gustav Klimt, Picasso, and Paul Klee among others. None of them are based in Oregon, but it’s good to expand the palette.

You’ll find their work reproduced on fine leather bags, pouches, shoes, and clutches. Each one is a show stopper you can’t stop looking at, but there’s something intriguing about Delamare’s Music Of The Sphere’s.

Could it be the idea of cruising the heavens with a beautiful mermaid playing her harp? Maybe, but it’s more than a fish out of water feeling.

Could it be the link he creates between heaven and earth?

Or is it a simple vision of golden haired loveliness on a glowing crescent?

Any interpretation works because the end result is same. Great art pulls you in close and and Icon Shoes lets you get as close as you want.

People often save their treasures for special moments. Icon understands this with each treasure piece they create. Where do you wear works of art? Everywhere from a trip to the corner store to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. (The Icon warehouse is close by.)

Music of the Sphere’s fits right in whether or not the Rolling Stones play. How many baby boomers will show up with an Icon tote? A better question is how many of their kids and grandkids will carry their concert stuff in a fine art bag?

The lessons of Woodstock work at Coachella. Have a great time, but pick up after yourselves. Icon will be there to pick you up whether you carry a bag, or see someone carrying one.

Leave a comment if you’ve ever seen Icon products that made you stop and stare.












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