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Breaking Bad Goes Good?
Meth Recovery, Myth Or Fact?

Meth Recovery, Myth Or Fact? via

What’s the first thing to consider when you meet someone in tremendous shape?

Good diet and workout?


Human growth hormones?


That last one is a sticker. Who says meth is a health supplement? Any hands? No?

Ok, meth is not a fitness supplement. Meth is a soul robbing drug that makes you pimp out your mother, sell your kids to Thailand, and turn your house into a dive for burnt out fiends.

That’s the meth reputation, but it doesn’t hold up when a forty year old says they smoked it for twenty years. Researchers at Boomerpdx wonder how someone is alive after a twenty year run on meth.

Shouldn’t they die?

Talk to a meth guy and they sound like Keith Richards staying up a week at a time in the studio.

“What do you do when you hit meth and stay up for five days?”

It’s a fair question for boomers on the verge of a bad idea.

One answer: “I have sex for nine hours then sleep three days.”

It’s a real answer, a bad answer, but real.

What about the death part? How about Hep C and the Herp? Nine hours? That goes against everything we hear on a Viagra commercial. They say call a doctor after four hours.

If boomerpdx is about anything, it’s about forgiveness.

We forgive hippies who turned into rednecks. We forgive rednecks who turned into Republicans, and Democrats who turned into rednecks.

We forgive free-love advocates who turned into anti-abortion activists the same as we forgive abortion clinic protesters who knocked up their high school girlfriend and dropped her at the same clinic.

And we forgive the meth smoking dope fiends turned fitness guru. This is someone who’s learned the meaning of health.

Physical fitness means so much to so many, but where does the meth smoker fit in?

We take advice from people who’ve failed before, who know the path to success, so why not listen to meth guy? Chances are good you’ve listened to potheads, drunks, and assorted addicts.

Former meth-guy won’t pimp you out, steal your car, or burn your house down. They will explain their path to fitness.

Are they worth listening too?

Boomerpdx sense says keep an open mind, but remember we’re often our own worst roadblock.

Meth-guy doesn’t need to roll out his entire past to tell an engaging story, so why do they do it? Because a huge impact on your life leaves a mark. If you’ve talked yours out before, then you know what’s going on. You got over your huge impact; they’re getting over theirs.

How do the two get-overs meet? That’s the marketing question of the near future.

Who do you trust?

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