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Swearing, done in the right spirit, communicates so much more than long, drawn out, explanations.

Besides, how often do you need the long version?

I’ve investigated both swearing and medical marijuana and come to a few helpful conclusions for cancer patients.

Instead of getting all macho and shocker, I’ve amended my profanity spelling for a PG rated post.

It starts with a click.

“F*ck it,” says it all.

What else is there to say after “f*ck it”, or “f*ck that?”

Or when you say you feel bad enough to qualify as f*cked up? We can all sympathize, but is it healthy?

Psychology Today says have the f*ck at it.

What would they say about medical marijuana?

WebMD checks in with a big F*ck yes.

The psychology of cussing and weed:

1. Pain relief. Swearing activates the so-called ‘fight or flight’ response, leading to a surge of adrenaline and a corresponding analgesic effect.

Swearing at cancer isn’t fight or flight, but fight and fight some more.

Medical marijuana keeps you in fighting shape instead of giving the f*ck up, throwing in the f*cking towel, and quitting like a big old quitter.

Between swearing and weed, pain dials down with MedMar.

If anti-nausea and opiates leave you feeling sicker than before, change the f*cking game plan before you end up in the hospital hooked up to a kidney machine because your gag reflex is working overtime and you’re dehydrated as f*ck.

Feeling better yet?

2. Power and control. Swearing can give us a greater sense of power and control over a bad situation.

Let’s agree cancer is bad situation. It’s a f*cking awful situation no matter what or where it is.

Saying f*ck that sh!t like a profane mantra can’t hurt, neither can medical marijuana.

Cancer treatment takes control of cancer. It took control of me, too.

Weed changed the equation. Do you know what to expect from cancer drugs?

Since no one is shopping chemo like angel dust horse tranquilizer as the latest party drug ought to provide a f*cking clue.

Stepping away from the moment of elevated  chemo gag with a weed-infused treat reestablished some control if it stays down.

Use f*cking power and control to keep it down and you’ve made a huge step in the right direction.

3. Non-violent retribution. Swearing enables us to get back at bad people or situations without having to resort to violence.

So you’ve got cancer and the violent conflict in your body needs a f*cking answer.

While the chemo does the dirty work, medical marijuana cleans up the edges.

It won’t make you a f*cking genius, but you won’t feel as beat to hell.

4. Humour. Swearing among friends can be quite hilarious.

Giggles and cancer treatment and swearing and medical marijuana?

There’s a f*cking treatment plan to get behind.

Don’t ask me about the humor spelling, but it seems like foreign f*cking influence. And that’s funny.

5. Peer and social bonding. Swearing can serve to show that we belong in a certain group, or that we are able to be ourselves and so wholly comfortable with the members of that group.

It’s all good unless that certain group is a motorcycle gang with a special membership ritual.

If you read Hunter Thompson’s Hell’s Angels, you know the sh!t he had to wear.

He said the arms-cut-off jean jackets they all wear are drenched the human waste generated by the other members during the gang initiation ceremony.

And they all f*cking wear it until the threads rot.

That’s the sort of humour that comes with peer and social bonding.

Skip the bullsh!t and go with medial marijuana for cancer treatment, not Hell’s Angel treatment.

6. Self-expression. Swearing can be a way of showing that we really mean something or that it is really important to us.

Go ahead and say it: “F*CK CANCER!”

Ah, that feels sooooo good.

Just don’t say it too often and too loud. (f*ck that and f*ck cancer. Oooo, such a sense of relief.)

7. Psychological and physical health. The health benefits of swearing include increased circulation, elevated endorphins, and an overall sense of calm, control, and well-being.

Once you give in to the f*cking mental duress of cancer treatment, it’s a losing game.

After that it’s, “Tell me what to do. I don’t know what to do. Please help.”

What no one will f*cking say is once you lose the brain power over the course of treatment, you fail even more.

From the load of treatment modalities, you’re supposed to fail.

Just not completely.

What’s it take to get a f*cking grip?

Whatever it takes. I was at the the last step of failure before deciding to give medical marijuana a go.

Instead of checking into the hospital, I checked out an infused brownie and calmed the f*ck down.

I was shocked at the effects, even stunned.

Instead of transitioning to a slobbering stoned stumblef*ck, I got a different picture.

I saw the value of nutrition and hydration and started taking steps to improve my condition, beginning with mental focus.

Did I expect it medical marijuana to be more effective than prescription drugs? Who the f*ck would?

But it was.

Everybody’s different so expect different results, but if I had added MedMar earlier it would have been a better experience.

So millennials, if you find loved ones locked in the f*cking death grip of cancer, help them out.

The difference between a parent, or grandparent, surviving cancer intact, as the person you knew before treatment, is their mental state.

Opioid pain relief is the real deal, but so is the addiction threat. Cancer Junkie is a title no one wants.

They make excuses to get loaded, or face withdrawal symptoms.

Pain can be a side effect of cancer treatment addressed by oxy. Then you’ve got side effects from oxy.

What have you heard about medical marijuana side effects?

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