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cancer survivors

One thing bloggers do is read other blogs.

It’s not a competitive thing. For some.

I read for information, writing style, writers voice. The usuals.

As the writer on a blog with over fifteen hundred posts, I’ve got a handle on the word part. Still working on word organization. Who isn’t.

It’s a humbling experience any time my fingers touch the keys.

But the real reason writers read? To learn more, to gain insight, to capture the intended feeling.

And to steal anything worthwhile and give credit.

When I find a topic for boomerpdx I tend to work it hard, like the Portland Blues Festival.

And sometimes I wear it out, like a blues song.

Then cancer found me. My job is to wear it out, make it sorry it ever showed up.

It’s not a competitive thing. For some.

This cancer survivors check in comes from

When I join I’ll have my registration all filled in.

David Bulldog Gillaspie; just whistle and I show up.

BoomerPdx, a Portland blog, an Oregon writer, Northwest life

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High forehead, big nose, pointy chin

Cancer Info


Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the lower tongue

November 2016

Stage 4

Marble sized

Biopsy, port install and removal

Cisplatin x 3

o the marble ring on the side of my neck

Knight Cancer Institute – Tualatin and Providence Radiation Oncology

Tongue Cancer symptoms: The old neck lump again

  I was knocked out

Three bags in three week increments

Thirty five jolts over seven weeks

Neulasta shot after last chemo dump

Now the hard part for cancer survivors.

I read the archived posts on blog for a cure.

It’s cancer survivors research to find the ‘norm.’

One of the bloggers, Debi, was a good read and I looked for more from her.

Then I scrolled down and came across the administrator’s news of her passing. I’d just read her last post of hope.

I sat at a center table on the second floor of the Tigard library sprinkling from an odd sadness. A stranger’s blog post hit all the buttons. They wrote about cancer the way I like reading it. Then they died and got me right in the soft spots.

What didn’t get me in the soft spots was reading the throat cancer archive. My guys.

Only a few of the thirty one throat cancer bloggers mentioned P16. This is the problem.

I’m a sunny side up blogger, posting on the bright side. When Tiger Woods offered up his famous apology I thought he needed to make a pitch for safe sex condoms to make it right.

But he didn’t.

At the same time, if you get a neck bump that goes cancer and it’s not HPV16, why not give a shout out for safe sex practices anyway.

Won’t hurt a thing.

Cancer is one thing to deal with, more than enough for so many, and really too much. But there it is, so why not put it to work, cancer survivors?

Give a little relationship help while fighting the good fight. Like this:

“Use caution, be willing to talk and ask questions, don’t dive into things too fast.”

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