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Who writes a gun violence post?

Responsible bloggers need to put their niche aside for a moment to address one of the pressing issues of our time.

Gun violence.

If you do write such a post, and I hope you do, be prepared for a particular reader and a particular comment.

If you post a link from your blog to an online source like a magazine’s facebook page, brace yourself.

You think you’re doing a civic duty using your blog as a source for a Public Service Address. Other’s may not agree.

For example, a keen reader felt moved to say BoomerPdx is a partisan blog, which means I’m a partisan blogger?

After such a complimentary opening sentence the commenter heaved up their constitutional argument, the one too many keep holstered for just such occasions.

Their comment isn’t about a blog or a topic as much as it is trying to find someone to point a loaded finger at.

BoomerPdx sits in the crosshairs?

What is the constitutional argument on gun violence? That anything other than ignoring the proliferation of guns in America is an attack on the Second Amendment.

For example, an Arizona state congressman teamed up with an NRA advisor to create a roadblock for police forces that want to destroy the weapons confiscated from criminals after their arrest.

Police chiefs lean toward destroying the weapons; the other idea is selling them on the open market and using the money for police things.

Local Phoenix news reported the story while showing video of a ton of handguns in storage.

Instead of fewer guns, Arizona police deal with more.

That’s an attack on the Second Amendment?

Nervous gun owners, at least one, say all the lefties in power want to use the Fifth Amendment to weaken the Second, and if you don’t agree then you’re no more than an Orwellian double speaking kook who needs medication for their insanity.

Okay, the medication part wasn’t a part of the commentary, just the insanity part.

Are we supposed to be experts on constitutional amendments now so we can engage in discussions with well-rehearsed zealots, or people who sound like zealots if not practicing zealots?

Maybe, but hitting back is pointless.

My gun violence post, an off-topic of my baby boomer generation niche and my Portland baby boomer audience, made the case for gun safety.

Gun safety in an America spinning from gun violence feels like a good idea.

Call it a reminder.

One BoomerPdx post dealt with stop signs and the importance of creating a habit of stopping regardless of the sign’s location.

If it saves one ball chasing kid from one California roll-through it would be a miracle.

The same miracle applies to a gun violence/gun safety post reminding one gun owner to lock up their gear.

No one wants a lifetime memory of their kid accidentally shooting the neighbor kid.

Does a stop sign reminder post infringe on anyone’s constitutional rights?

Does a gun safety post?

Let’s be honest. Bloggers aren’t the most trusted sources of news, especially a one-man show. You either read or you don’t.

It’s not like an aggregation blog that collects a wide variety of opinion posts.

BoomerPdx is more of a helper than a teller.

It may not change your life, but if you’re a good reader with a good memory, it might save a life.

What happened when the well written constitutional commenter called BoomerPdx a partisan blog?

I told them it’s not a Parisian blog and I’m not from France.

I hope they understand the intentions here and join up.

(PS: the subscription box sits in the footer when you scroll down.)

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  1. Mark M Mullins says:

    Your straddling that line pretty well. Good for you. Not easy if you have feelings one way or the other, but harder still if someone is in your face for even raising the issue. Saw a stat the other day “toddlers are responsible for more gun deaths in the U.S. than all the terrorist attacks in the U.S. to date. ” Assuming toddlers are 3 years of age or less, that becomes a public health issue, right?

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  3. I agree that if you start even with just one gun owner it will create a ripple effect that will curve the gun violence here in America.

    • David Gillaspie says:

      Good point Andrew. One gun owner talking to his gunner buddies gets things rolling. I talk to my gun buddies all the time. Some have one gun, some have an arsenal. Call themselves gun collectors, and they are. Responsible gun collectors who could care less about open carry and concealed carry.

      Whatever they call it, I figure they’re armed and dangerous all the time. And I’m glad to call them friends. Maybe I won’t be in the crosshairs when they snap?

      Don’t forget to sign on to BoomerPdx, Andrew. And tell your friends.



  4. It is very impressive that a gun loving blog reader has not yet attacked your post. But you are right most people are pro gun would not read a gun violence post. Cheers.

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