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Time And The Baby Boomer Naturopath

Diet And Exercise In The Medicine Cabinet.

The Veggie Truck For A Plant Based Diet

The Veggie Truck For A Plant Based Diet

When eating right and working out hits the news as good medicine you know something happened.

Writer Alexandra Sifferlin begins her article, Just Say No: When It Makes Sense Not to Take Your Medicine, with these words:

“It sounds like something a quack would support, but it’s true.”

“There’s growing evidence that lifestyle changes such as eating a healthier diet and exercising more may be enough to prevent and even treat conditions ranging from diabetes to cancer.”

Truth is good medicine.

Big Pharma must be spinning in their R&D labs when the doctors of record suggest supporting the body’s immune system instead of using surgical and chemical over-rides.

Boomers across the wide demographic spectrum share at least one thing in common: they don’t want their later years to resemble any other generation. Skip the rocking chair, TV dinners, and a S M T W Th F S pill box.

They want to stay as active as possible to support their dubious sports achievements. No one will Believe Uncle Bob played basketball above the rim if he’s dragging an extra hundred pounds.

Aunt Nanny won’t convince anyone she ever landed a single ski dock start on the lake if she can’t bend over to tie her shoes.

Stay fit and create doubt.

By now we know somebody, or know somebody who knows somebody, with diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. If it’s not you, take note.

Ms Sifferlin continues, “Treating these ailments with prescription medications can address the symptoms but does nothing to change the forces that drive these diseases. And in some cases, the drugs may cause even more problems, in the form of side effects.”

I have a medical consultant on staff with boomerpdx, Dr. Elaine Gillaspie, ND. From her site:

“The healing power of nature can help one to learn, to feel, and maintain vitality. Wellness as an expression of balance: Support a strong infrastructure/foundation of health.”

Call is a naturopathic creed. When heavy hitters from Annals of Internal Medicine, Yale, and the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention sing the same song, give them a listen.

Take action on your diet and exercise and find a doctor who gets it. Is that MD’s who join the bandwagon in 2013 supporting nutrition and exercise? Or NDs who study it as a core value?

Even the Marine Corps toes the line on nutrition. Something important is going on.

Avoid this exchange with your doctor:

You – Doctor, why do I take so many pills?

Doctor – How do you feel?

You – Fine, thank you.

Doctor – That’s why.

Here’s a start.

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