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Breitenbush Retreat: Advancing Forward In Peace


breitenbush retreat


Tell a conservative baby boomer man about a Breitenbush Retreat and expect to hear:


  1. Yeah, sure, we did it all back in college.
  2. Sure, it’s all about whatever.
  3. What? Oh sure.


The idea of a retreat is foreign to them now that they’ve hit the years that aren’t so kind.


You might even hear, “We thought about going to a nude beach once, but turned around once we got a good look.”


Are they missing the point of a Breitenbush Retreat? Completely.

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Diet And Exercise In The Medicine Cabinet. When eating right and working out hits the news as good medicine you know something happened. Writer Alexandra Sifferlin begins her article, Just Say No: When It Makes Sense Not to Take Your Medicine, with these words: “It sounds like something a quack would support, but it’s true.”


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Is It Really About The Money Successful people knows the answer, but they usually say something like, “follow your heart and the money will come.” What they don’t talk about is the time it took to find their heart. You’ve heard this said, “You have to crack a few eggs to make an omelet.” Making […]

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