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the boomerpdx

“This is the way back. I think I remember that tree.”

A renewed sense of direction runs through The Boomerpdx like a road map.

the boomerpdx

But, we’re a perfect match.

Every generation finds something odd about others.

the boomerpdx

Writing partners, dead and alive, inform The Boomerpdx like a Thomas Wolfe high five.

The Boomerpdx book boxes dive into choices facing Generation Baby Boomer from the inside.

the boomerpdx

From dead center in the generation, The Boomerpdx sees life from both sides now.

Now we know what Joni Mitchell meant.

Early Boomers: 1946 – 1952.

Middle Boomers: 1952 – 1958.

Late Boomers: 1958 – 1964.

The Boomerpdx: 2012 – 2017 and beyond.

the boomerpdx

When you’re the first car behind an emergency roadblock on the freeway.

Do you seek permission to sing Boomer songs?

The Boomerpdx grants permission.

the boomerpdx

Sing your own song, or sing along with the greats, go ahead and let ‘er rip. Do it like Hank Williams. Photo credit JH.

One job The Boomerpdx works on helps Millennials understand how the world spins.

the boomerpdx

Make a good impression on the youth.

Once the Me Generation, we’ve passed the torch to Their Generation.

The biggest baby boom created an even bigger boom.

the boomerpdx

Everyone on the same page? Maybe not.

No matter what your hear, we’re still the center of attention.

the boomerpdx

Join your perfect partner in love, family, life together. And hang on.

The Boomerpdx delivers boomer instructions.

If  anything’s missing, it won’t be for long.

Join in the spirit of building bonds.

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