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    How often do dogs change my day? Every day.   And it’s not always my dog.   A walk on a trail, a lady with two frisky hounds, and it’s a lively moment.   Just two middle aged people on a hillside in the wilderness. Sharing the wonder of it all.   Autumn […]

Fighting Chuck Palahniuk, And Portland Inertia

    I didn’t have anything to prove by fighting Chuck Palaniuk, but I did with the fight against inertia on a Sunday where the NFL was on TV and Wordstock was happening on the park blocks. It was a good day to do nothing and there was plenty to back up doing it.   […]

Men’s Poll Question: Your Wife’s Old ‘Friend’ Calls To Catch Up?

What’s the best approach is the question of the boomerpdx Men’s Poll Question?   When one of your wife’s college day boyfriends calls to catch up after a couple of decades, and she tells you about it, then what?   MAN #1   I wouldn’t think the question would ever come up since my wife […]

Nike Comes To The Cancer Rescue At Knight Cancer Institute

  In the world of sports we hear about teams, players, and the games they play. Even individual sports like tennis and golf have team related conditions. Watch any professional golfer with his caddy discussing the next putt and see teamwork in action.   A cancer team, or cancer treatment team, is the same. After […]

Male Abuse Handled The Man Way Works For Women

    Sports talk star Jim Rome has the sort of face that asks to be punched. He’s that good, my favorite sports personality. And he talks the best smack on radio, hands down.   Even his respectful interviews even sound like verbal male abuse.   I grew up during the reign of Howard Cosell, […]

Breitenbush Retreat: Advancing Forward In Peace

    Tell a conservative baby boomer man about a Breitenbush Retreat and expect to hear:   Yeah, sure, we did it all back in college. Sure, it’s all about whatever. What? Oh sure.   The idea of a retreat is foreign to them now that they’ve hit the years that aren’t so kind.   […]

Japanese Exchange Student A Perfect Portland Fit

    What’s better than traveling to new places and meeting the locals? Being the locals and meeting travelers. A Japanese exchange student proved the rule this summer.   With kids out of high school and college you’d think a couple of empty nest boomers would enjoy themselves with the usual things baby boomers get […]

Lighten Up While You Still Can

    When The Eagles sing Take It Easy, the line that stands out for me is, ‘Lighten up while you still can.’ It’s the same when Jackson Browne and James Taylor sing it.   Baby boomers know how hard it is to lighten up better than anyone. Lighting up too, but that’s another post. […]

Cancer Message Still In The Merck Ad Mess

  Call me a late bloomer. Maybe you are too? My discoveries and enthusiasm come after most things have moved on. But it still counts for something. At least that’s what I tell myself. I’m telling you, too, it still counts, you still count.   I’m late to see the parent shaming ad for hpv16 […]


    Where is the line between family collections and hoarding? How can you tell when you’re over that line, way over?   In this well researched post on BoomerPdx I will dip into the experience of a Museum Collection Manager for an interview. Readers familiar with such details will automatically know what I’m talking […]