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    How often do dogs change my day? Every day.   And it’s not always my dog.   A walk on a trail, a lady with two frisky hounds, and it’s a lively moment.   Just two middle aged people on a hillside in the wilderness. Sharing the wonder of it all.   Autumn […]

Neck Cancer And Alcohol Consumption: U.S. vs Belarus

  Neck cancer? In Belarus? Bela-where? Either check a map or be satisfied that Belarus is an eastern european country that used to be part of the Soviet Union.   And they drink. A lot. Belarus scores #1 on Market Watch’s survey of ten drunkest nations on earth. #2 is Republic of Moldova, #3 Lithuania, […]

Travel Bans From History, Who Should Be Banned

    Travel bans tend to be specific in terms of where to go and where not to go.   Travel bans say one thing: Don’t go there, girlfriend. Stay away, pal.   Like a dress code in the NY disco dancing prime time of the late ’70’s, while punk rock was getting ready to […]

Writing Advice To Colin Kaepernick From Boomerpdx

    Who is writing books, or more accurately, who writes books that people read? A book no one reads is like a tree falling in the forest when no one’s around.   Does it make a noise?   One thing we know for sure, Colin Kaepernick has made a noise. By not saying anything. […]

Men’s Poll Question: Your Wife’s Old ‘Friend’ Calls To Catch Up?

What’s the best approach is the question of the boomerpdx Men’s Poll Question?   When one of your wife’s college day boyfriends calls to catch up after a couple of decades, and she tells you about it, then what?   MAN #1   I wouldn’t think the question would ever come up since my wife […]

Smart Boston Loves Boomerpdx Portland But It’s Not Enough

    Smart Boston got it’s name by being smart. No news there, not when the Wall Street Journal and Times Higher Education list of top colleges came out Wednesday, September 27th, 2017.   Do we all agree that the WSJ/THE poll helps smart Boston? With two of the top three colleges in town, there’s […]

HPV16 Cancer Side Effects Include Blogs And Memoirs

    If you chose to be ‘The Face’ of anything, few would choose cancer of any kind. Be the face of something grand, something happy, something exciting. But cancer?   Add ‘The Face’ of an STD that leads to cancer and you’ve got HPV16 cancer. The same culprit for cervical cancer in women leads […]

Leadership Luxury Between Laws And Lies

    Leadership luxury on boomerpdx say if you testify in court you do it after being sworn in with the same words as anyone else who ever testified in court. I know this from watching TV, since I’ve never testified. Which I believe is a credit to the people and places I know and […]

Life After Luxury Still Means Death, But In Comfort posted a hot topic with ‘Doctors Reveal Which Everyday Habits Trigger Aging And Inflammation.’ Hey, where’s the luxury? Aging and inflammation doesn’t sound like luxury. Why? Because it’s not. I can hear some of you now say, “But we like luxury, we need luxury.” That’s what all luxury addicts say. Smart boomerpdx readers might […]

Blog Relaunch Shoots Blanks, Misses Writing Target

    Thinking of starting a blog, relaunching a blog? Good.   If you’re a writer, then I’m talking to you. Whether you dabble with words, put a few things on paper, or carve out time to organize the book you’ve been writing the past few years, it’s you.   The world of bloggers, columnists, […]