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save oregon

Moving to Portland for the food and music? Or to save Oregon?

It’s not Austin, Texas, but you’re heading the right direction.

The Southwest here is a part of town, not part of the country.

Food cart walk ups, innovative menus, and don’t forget the river.

Without the Willamette River what would Portland be?

It wouldn’t.

Put an oar in the water.

Rent a kayak if you don’t have one.

Go exploring.

save oregon

Move to Portland for the roses.

Roses of all kinds, even real flowers. They save Oregon just a little bit.

It’s called the Rose City.

save oregon

Save Oregon from a dragon boat seat.

Join a crew to roll on this river.

save oregon

Another name Portland carries is Bridge City.

If you wonder why?

Save Oregon with new blood. That’s how places renew themselves from the same ol’ same ol’.

New people, new ideas, liven the place up.

Don’t be afraid to fail, you can always pack up and move to the next green pasture.

Like Beaverton, or Tigard.

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