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Admire President Trump For 10 Fun Reasons


admire president trump


Republicans don’t seem to admire President Trump


The small government/fewer regulation wing of the party has a hard time dealing with a billionaire who wants them to know who their ‘Daddy’ is.


What better reason to admire President Trump, who will be known as President Triumph when history gets around to writing about his will power, than watching him pull the rug on his party’s leadership.


Besides, who really wants a party that exposes the rest of us to the toxins of fewer regulations and less government intrusion when the big guys cash in at the cost to the environment we all share? President Trump makes them look bad by the way he’s adjusted the bar of acceptability.


He likes sticking it to Mitch Mac and Smuggy Smile Ryan


Any image of the Senator from Kentucky and Representative from Wisconsin walking with President Trump is a reminder of the strange bedfellows that pull up the covers in politics.


Their efforts to push their healthcare agenda, and still fail when they control the Senate, the House, and the White House, shows on their faces. Like the mild laxative that’s not so mild, they’re holding back as much as they can.


He has a hard time standing up


Admire President Trump for his presence at the bargaining table, the staff table, the Oval Office desk. He does lots of sitting in pictures.


Could that be his need for more golf, a reason to show some vigor? It’s got to be a draining job in the Washington D.C. swamp.


He makes other New Yorkers look good


When the world’s greatest city produces so many rejects, admire President Trump for rising above.


He’s no one’s puppet. Not a man in the world pulls his strings. He’s got the strings and he’s pulling them harder than anyone ever has. Just ask his rotating press spokespeople.


He over charges rich guy tourist


What’s better than seeing someone stick it to The Man? Nothing except when The Man sticks it to The Man and does it with such gusto.


Admire President Trump for not pretending to come from plain cloth. It’s all gold, baby, get used to it. The cost of staying at a Trump property?


If you have to ask, you probably need another place.


He treats Americans like customers


Admire President Trump for staying true to his calling. He’s been a landlord most of his life. Now he’s America’s Landlord.


Who is surprised when the landlord starts evicting tenants for not paying the rent? Just all of his base when they get sticker shock at a ten dollar head of lettuce.


Anyone ever tried fried lettuce?


He’s helped the fringe show themselves


The fringe may not admire President Trump as much as they used to if they lose their jobs after being identified in marches.


Just because guys march in organized fashion and shout racial slogans doesn’t mean they believe what they’re saying.


President Trump went out of his way to help them explain it all away when confronted. Just say, “It’s a joke,” when your boss decides to can you.


His America is one few humans will ever know


If you’ve stayed in luxury resorts with all of the amenities at your command, or ordered from the room service menu and the food shows up at the penthouse door under silver serving covers, then you’ve got a lifetime memories, or what Citizen Trump calls just another day.


Admire President Trump for calling the White House a dump, then upgrading it to his standards. Jackie Kennedy’s got nothing on him.


He convinced America their education isn’t important, their vote is


The old saying was ‘vote your pocketbook.’ It was easier when leaders weren’t big money people.


Education helps create doubt when someone says, “Believe me,” or, “I’m telling you,” or “Only I can fix things.”


Connect education and economics and you get less enthusiasm from the sector who denounce Obamacare and embrace ACA.


He’s shown ambivalent feelings about better race relations


You can’t blame President Trump for not mixing with the people of America. When has he had the chance? He’s been a busy man, now even busier.


He’s been to Texas and Florida to show he cares. How much more than a 1000% can the man give?



Don’t admire President Trump for washing anyone’s feet. There’s a line between him and Mother Theresa, but he’s narrowing the gap.


He’s a role model for the ‘pay yourself first, then pay yourself again by including an invoice in the family budget, and once more after deductions


This is what America, the richest, most advanced, nation in the world is all about? Getting paid. The bottom line. More for me and more for me. Who else is there?


Admire President Trump for not hiding behind the smoke screen of false promise. He’ll show his tax returns when he’s ready. He’ll pay his contractors when he’s ready.


The next time you get hauled in, take the same tact. Tell the traffic judge you’ll pay your fine when you’re ready.


If you get arrested for shoplifting, tell the officer you were going to pay, you just weren’t ready until you got home.
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