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Eat Right And Get Enough Sleep? Kelly Would Have Said The Same To Rocky.
Rocky Chases The Chicken Mick Trains Him With. via

Talk About Unconventional Coaching. Rocky Chases The Chicken Mick Trains Him With. via

Does it get any easier than this? Don’t load up your plate three times at dinner and drop into a food coma in front of the television.

You don’t need a coach to tell you that. Or do you?

Be a good person and do the right thing when other choices are easier, or more lucrative. This is new?

Life is a competition, no matter what you hear. If you’re trying hard to accomplish anything, there’s always someone, somewhere, trying harder. That’s the specter that keeps many noses to the grind stone.

We’ve all heard how important it is to ‘try hard and do your best.’

How can you try hard and do your best when you’ve got poor nutrition due to bad choices, and you stayed up half the night playing video games or watching movies?

Try hard? No way you’ll try hard. A fatigued Zombie goes through the motions. A sugared out effort is far from anyone’s best, unless napping is on the schedule.

Coach Kelly gets it. Make rest a priority. Make hydration a priority. Real food, like fruit and vegetables? Make them a priority.

I’m Doing Fine. Why Change Anything?

Since we live in such a hyper-modern era it’s safe to say we’re all very modern Americans. We want things fast. Fast cars, fast internet, fast responses to our questions. For all the fast stuff, fast food can’t be on the list.

Take a moment to digest what you put in your body. Eat for purpose. In Kelly’s world, purpose means football.

In boomer world, purpose means living a better life.

No one eats in order to qualify for heart surgery, or kidney failure, or a liver transplant, though you’d never know by looking around.

As we age, we lose track of the base, what we’ve done to arrive at this place in time, and what we need to change to move forward.

Give Up? You Won’t Be The First.

I spoke to man who didn’t really have an opinion on health. He said he was basically done, and gave himself two years before he dies. Whether he lives or dies, he’s right. In fact, he might be saying he’s already done, but didn’t want to say it.

Coach Kelly would have seen this person and explained how to turn it around. He would have stayed on it until they bought into his ideas the way the Philadelphia Eagles did, the way the Oregon Ducks did.

There’s something great about hearing rugged professional athletes telling reporters how good they felt late into last season when asked about Kelly’s methods.

That same something applies to aging boomers. Don’t you want to feel better now than you ever have? You want your energy reserves fully stocked.

Where Do I Start My Do-Over?

Right now most of us are spinning in circles we can’t control. We’re too tired to care, or too malnourished, or too drug dependent. Chip Kelly says rebuild your base with proper rest and quality food and plenty to drink.

Follow his ideas and you’ll feel a slow turn around. Lose patience and revert to old ways and you’ll feel older than you should. New ideas for a new you create a youthful energy. You can’t help but smile when you ride that wave

And remember, no short cuts. There’s a story in Philly about a patch of grass the players used to use as a shortcut. Kelly channeled his inner Clint Eastwood when he reminded them to stay off the grass, as in “Get off my lawn.”

Why not take a hard stand for health and blame Kelly for it. You could do a lot worse.

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