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Baby Boomer Research, pt 1

Google baby boomer and hit images. Done.



They probably change the shots to stay relevant with google search but today show a semi-slider with titles looking like a social media slice of a shared history.

  • Work Place Baby Boomers

In one image two men sit near a laptop. An older man stares at the screen.

A younger man stares at him thinking, “How many times do I have to tell you?”

It’s better than the next showing a man in his business suit in front of a laptop screen with his hand over his mouth.

Lap. Top. E. Mail. Got it.

In case business boomer doesn’t get it, the next two shots show a teacher and a few successful students.

Time to learn new things.

  • Young Baby Boomers

Google image takes a straight timeline here.

Hippie boomers dancing, empty nester cuddles, and a gym boomer sweating it out.

How many does that cover? Sure there’s only one Woodstock, but other huge concerts had a little Woodstock in them.

Still do from the looks.

  • Famous Baby Boomers

Google likes the ladies starting with Hillary and the Flag.

Hard to beat, except when it’s Cher in a cat suit. Draped in a leather jacket. If that doesn’t say America…?

There’s Ivy League Hillary and LA Cher. Brains and sexy.

It’s no secret why google listed Bo Derek next. She’s the ultimate google baby boomer combination of Hillary and Cher, intellect and appeal.

Who knew?

You’ve heard a picture is worth a thousand words? That was then. Now it’s one line.

That’s all it should take to tap the collective experience.







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