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From breaking news, a behavior code for men is long past due. We’re not looking so good, not when old guys find their past behavior code for men so outdated, not when they’re called to account for asses grabbed and groped and try and convince us ‘it was a different world’ back then.


It sounds convincing unless you’re a sixty two year old, or just older than some of the gropers, and shared the same time frame as ‘back then.’ We’re not as sympathetic.


Let’s get started with a new behavior code for men, the sort of men who can read.

Don’t brag about your ‘workout’


So you broke a sweat. Did you wipe the seats down afterward? That’s something to brag about.


If you need to say something about your fitness goals and gains, do more than just parrot your ‘trainer.’ Amaze us with your new approach, techniques, that new secret stretch move. We need more to laugh about.


Stop toasting yourself for minor home repairs on social media


Most of us know the difference between a standard and a phillips screw driver, along with the mantra of “righty tighty, lefty loosey.”


If you do brag about home repairs make it about the surprise you found under your cement walkway built on wood that is rotting.
Fix that before it collapses into a sink hole and pulls the front of your house into it and we’ll be impressed. (Hint: Use car jacks, a huge beam, and cement anchor blocks.)


No flashing cash


Keep your money in your pocket is the street rule. You never know who might be interested, who might want you to invest in their future when they rob you.


If you must flash your cash, do it at a stripper bar. Just be prepared for the dancer to bite your date’s neck, rip the shirt off one of the women in your party, and sic their ‘boyfriends’ on you when you leave.


Stop asking your significant lady if she’s upset


If a woman is significant enough, you’ll know if she’s upset. Even if you experience the same thing, and you both react differently, read the mood. If she’s freaked out, maybe you ought to be too.
Adding fuel to a fire when you’re too close is a burn waiting to happen.


Embrace a new behavior code for men but keep some of the old


Over centuries we’ve heard about the moral code of the South and how southern men cherish their women folk.


With modern times on us, we need to ask southern men, Alabama men in particular, their opinion of their senate candidate. I haven’t noticed any scars or lumps or a bent nose on a man with a history of dating young teens according to new sources coming forward, i.e. the women.


Where are/were the dads, the brothers, the boyfriends of these women. Has anyone been arrested for kicking ass on a child abuser? Time to step up, southern man.


Do it for the Belles.
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