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Ben, It’s Me, Dave

Searching For Ben Affleck

Who is ready to direct the best story ever told about WWII in the Pacific? Mr. Affleck, please.

Who is ready to direct the best story ever told about WWII in the Pacific? Mr. Affleck, please.
Image: Vince Flores/UK Press/Press Association Images

Have you heard the story about the blogger and the movie star?

The blogger, an aging Baby Boomer, gets a man-crush on Ben Affleck after seeing Argo.

He writes a few posts about Ben, how much he loved Argo’s movie inside a movie idea, and how shocking the story unfolded with Director Affleck at the helm.

The blogger posts his articles on twitter, facebook, and google+. The name Ben Affleck leads his blog’s search terms.

Nothing happens, but it’s all about one story.

Ben does history as well as anyone and the blogger has an original script based on true events in the Pacific War.

The story came from the blogger’s interaction with his father in law, a Marine in the Pacific and a mechanic for the airlines later. The man could name every plane in the sky by the sound of the engines.

Then things changed.

The old Marine came down with Parkinson’s later in life and the blogger cared for him. They talked more about WWII in the Pacific.

It was such a great story, the blogger took screenwriting classes, wrote a few scripts, then dove into Flying Home, a story about two unlikely allies on the nuclear island of Tinian.

In the middle of war at its worst, this young man and young woman find their innocence and the desire to make the world they live in better for those around them.

They also make the world worse for the elements who take war past the extremes and into pure evil.

As he keeps writing posts about Ben Affleck, his hopes grow and grow. The more he learns about Ben, the more certain he is that only one man could do Flying Home justice.

It’s a big-budget epic that needs the sort of push those working in Hollywood bring. It also needs someone who understands what being married and having kids means to those who make their lives better.

Matt Damon gets it, but does he direct? George Clooney gets it, but is he married with kids?

Ben gets it better than them all.

Argo tipped the scales when that movie has a man who wants to make it right with his wife. There’s nothing better, except when a lead wants to start a life with a woman he wants as his wife.

Do you believe Ben’s character in Argo? Would you trust him? It came down to revealing the real identity behind the fake identity, and the timing was perfect.

The script I wrote tells the truth about the foes at the end of WWII, the good and bad on both sides. Twisted soldiers bent on revenge, helpless civilians awaiting their fate, and one man who makes a difference.

The main character probably won’t be Ben, but he’ll direct. If he chooses a part, I suggest the older brother figure, a man who drives a wedge between the young lead actor and his industrialist father.

Ben can cast a young actor for the lead, someone who shares values as well as the believability of Ben. Little brother Casey?

Call this a shot in the dark, a desperate plea for attention, or the work of a writer who believes in Ben.

Eventually we all make the call on our favorite actor. The older you get, the fewer you remember. When they make movies as great as Argo it’s easier.

Ben, it’s me, Dave. I’ve got your next great movie in front of me. Boomerpdx is the key, NW Boomer the lock.

Let’s work it out.

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