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Boomer Batman For Ben Affleck




Ben Affleck as Batman means we get a better take on Bruce Wayne.

Instead of the Bale Batman who seemed like a character from a Tarantino movie, the Bale Bruce with the mental anguish, Ben is a Hollywood aristocrat who brings an Indie spirit to the Caped Crusader.

A better Bruce means a better Batman.

Now, instead of a load of backstory, we’ll get to see this superhero work in real time.

How will Ben get ready?

He won’t look as much like Dave Grohl the way he did in Argo. Instead of Foo Fighter Batman, we’ll get a ripped Ben Batman.

What are the chances he shows up soft like Adam West? None.



The chances this will be an Oscar turn?

Listen, from the NW Boomer point of view, anything could happen. We grew up with Batman between the pages of DC comics. No movie, no cartoon.

And it was enough.

The television show in the 60’s didn’t improve the character no matter how many screenfulls of BOOM and POW.

The new Batman is listed as 6’4″. He won’t need lifts or a Tom Cruise box to stand on to look bigger.

Does he know how to muscle up? Yes.

He’s got the ‘dead-eye’ down, so we’ll know when he’s about to flare-up before it happens. Actors who command the screen with a dead-eye also command Baby Boomers.

We know the dead-eye look from Dad’s who learned it in WWII and Korea. They accidentally put it on us in stressful times, like when we crashed the company car in high school, or kept little brothers out too late in junior high.

Best of all, the married man with two kids, three? four? will have a movie his family will love. He will be Batman Forever to his kids.


Ben Affleck is Hollywood. It’s not the same Hollywood as Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty’s Hollywood. Ben’s Tinseltown feels more like General Jimmy Stewart’s town.

Some guys build their careers in a way that trust is a given. Ben is that guy. Those he works with trust him. He has the trust of boomerpdx, too.

If Ben finds a project that screams for his direction, trust will serve him well. If he says he’s got a new passion play at the top of his list, and everything else needs re-scheduling, it’ll work. Some guys can do that.

One such project is a WWII script with Japanese fighting Japanese, American fighting American, and a romantic couple who fight them all and almost win.

Flying Home is an American story reaching out for an American with the chops to do it right.

Ben Affleck is that American.

William Morris Endeavor Entertainment LLC and Ziffren Brittenham LLP represent Ben.

If you’re on a mission to help a baby boomer blogger get a script in the right hands, send them this link.

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