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Two Men Talk It Out


Man 1: Intentions leave too much undone. If you intend to do something you might do it, you might not.

Man 2: (boomerpdx reporter): Results matter?

1: That’s all that matters. Everything else is bull$hit.

2: Git ‘er done? That what you mean?

1: Either do something or not, don’t start whining about trying to do this or trying to do that.

2: Intentions pave the way?

1: The way to a sniveling end of nothing. Try, try, try again. If you were any good at what you’re trying to do, you’d do it and be done.

2: Here’s a question: Why did the poet write a second poem?

1: Now you’re a poet?

2: Because the first one wasn’t good enough. It was good, too good to change, but not good enough.

1: Which poem we talking about?

2: A hypothetical poem.

1: Haven’t seen that one.

2: No one has.

1: Reminds me of marriage.

2: A hypothetical poem reminds you of marriage.

1: Marriage is either a joy or therapy.

2: This a hypothetical marriage?

1: No, a one man, one woman marriage. None of the modern stuff.

2: Okay. What about joy? When is marriage a joy?

1: When it’s not therapy.

2: Isn’t therapy good for you?

1: Depends on the problem.

2: What if it’s a problem in your marriage?

1: A problem in a marriage isn’t a joy.

2: So you need therapy?

1: Or a new wife.

2: How about marriage counseling with your wife?

1: Not a joy either.

2: But if you intend to have a joyous marriage therapy might help. See what I did there?

1: No.

2: It’s not a black or white world.

1: Either it’s right or wrong. Pick any color you want.

2. My wife and I try to be considerate of each others’ feelings.

1: That’s sweet. But you’re either considerate or not.

2: We start out by making an effort.

1: Sounds exhausting.

2: Are you married?

1: I used to be.

2: (silence.)

1: You married?

2: Twenty eight years.

1: I don’t how you can stand it.

2: (pause) How ’bout them Yankees?

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