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Boomer Teens, 1966 And More

newsweekmarch2119664es[1] They ran wild in California?

Out of control?

Or was there a plan?

The young woman on the back of the motorcycle is Jan Smithers who you remember from WKRP in Cincinnati.

She was the smart one.

Newsweek had a great cover in ’66, then Time got serious in 1967. 1101670106_400[1] Baby Boomer Man Of The Year?

It happened.

Sex, drugs, rock and roll? Or law school?

Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out that history explains was a ’60’s way of life wasn’t everyone.

Time Magazine says so.

Both of these covers were a nice surprise, but which is more shocking?

History may not get everything right, but this isn’t bad.

Of course it’s pre-Charlie Manson, pre-Woodstock, and pre-rock stars dying at age 27.

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