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Compass Rose As Eight Ball? You Are Correct.

compass rose city portland


The eight ball works with some people better than others.

Ask a question. Smack a stooge. Repeat.

For these explorers it works best.

Not so much for the rest of us.

We need direction. We need a compass rose city Portland sort of direction.

And there’s only one place for that direction.

compass rose city portland


As an anniversary present for a long term marriage, you need Lewis and Clark’s compass to navigate the next few years.

I found one at the Oregon Historical Society bookstore. It was a hit.

Everything about this compass is quality, from the tiny screws, hinges, and wood finish.

It’ll steer you right, and it won’t matter where you’re going.

For example: Maybe you and your significant other disagree on something important.

Yes, true love can have disagreements without divorce. But if you’re one of those married couples who think, “Say one more damn word and I’m calling the lawyer,” get the compass instead.

And here’s what you say: “This looks like a bad direction.”

If that doesn’t work, move on.

These were a Christmas present one year that came with it’s own saying.

“Don’t make me put on my special socks. Don’t make me.”

compass rose city portland


The socks enhance compass rose city Portland, and look good.

Be a leader. Leave a comment about where you’ve been.

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