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Board Of Education via

The last question you want to ask a combat vet is, “Did you kill anyone?”

Just figure they did and if they want you to know, they’ll tell you.

The last thing you want to ask a boomer is, “Did your parents and teachers physically abuse you as a child?”

We come from an era where the ancient lady principle in grade school stayed limber enough to swat first graders.

For bigger kids she called a fifth grade teacher in from the bullpen/classroom.

A second grade teacher had a regular line-up in front of the class for kids who didn’t do their homework. Each got a hack.

It lasted until eighth grade where a science teacher used a good golf swing to lay the wood to students. In this case the wood was a particle board base for a bunsen burner.

Is corporal punishment a good idea?

Two former students meet at Starbucks.

“How’s it going?”

“Good as ever. You?”

“This child abuse in the NFL is getting to me.”

“Adrian Peterson whipping his kid?”

“That’s the one.”

“Like you never got the switch.”

“My house had the full line up. The switch, the shoe, the belt, only once with a hand.”

“Yeah, the same. Once with the hand?”

“Left a bruise.”

“A black eye?”

“More of a discolored spot on my cheekbone.”

“From a punch?”

“No, an open hand sort of pop.”

“A slap?

“No fingers, just the heel of the old man’s right hand.”

“Your dad, huh?”

“I could tell he didn’t feel so good about it.”

“What did you do?”

“I came home late. It was a junior high summer between eighth and ninth grade. I walked off, stayed out late, and lied about where I’d been.”


“About four days in a row.”

“Where’d you go?”

“Girlfriend’s house.”

“And stayed late?”

“As late as I could, then run home and try to sneak in. It never worked.”

“You stopped doing it after you got popped by your dad?”

“I went the next night to show her the mark on my cheek, then stopped.”

“Was she impressed?”

“Not much, but she was worth getting in trouble for.”

“Eighth grade trouble.”

“Summer after.”

“That’s only time you were abused?”

“I wasn’t abused.”

“You got hit.”

“I used my mom’s eyebrow pencil to keep it visible the next day.”

“Not much of a hit.”

“More of an attention getter.”

“And it worked?”

“No, I went to her house the next night, then stopped. My Dad saw the bruise after I colored it in. He felt bad. I didn’t want to put him in that place again.”

“So, it did work.”

“My girlfriend touched the bruise and it wiped off. I was going for the pity and got caught. We broke up that night.”

“Hey, look at the time. Got to go.”

“It’s good to talk this through.”

“Glad to help.”

“But I’m not done.”

“I got the gist of it all.”

“I lied the next night and my Dad took my side.”

“Who was on the other side?”

“My Mom wanted him to straighten me out, but he said he believed my story. It wasn’t easy seeing parents disagree, but it was enough to make me see the truth.”

“Which was…?”

“I lied to the old man and he lied when he said he believed me instead of beating the truth out. We’d both had enough.”

“Feeling better?”

“I am. Thanks.”





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