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Where to find clues to the future Donald Trump Government.

Signing up for government service includes a possibility across all departments and services:

You may get your ass kicked.

You’ll get it from a supervisor who wants you to do more than your pay grade so he can do less than his.

You may get it from colleagues who see you as a stepping stone to the next promotion, the people who understand the supervisor is a jerk, but still do the work he asks without complaint.

You’ll get it from the department head who sees you as a replaceable part in the big machine.

Everyone knows this stuff, right?

The military side is a little more direct. Not everyone knows this.

The Donald Trump government service review:

Civil Service General Schedule 1-15, with pay steps 1-10 at each GS rate.

Enlisted military run E-1 through E-9.

Officers start at 0 -1 and go to 0 – 10.

During my years as an Army Medic in the 70’s I met the works, from retired 0 – 10 generals to my E-3 cohort, with the usual ass kickers along the way, including Drill Sergeants and company commanding mustang captains.

As a lowly E-1, 2, or 3, you get used to doing what you’re told.

E-4 to E-7 do lots of telling you what to do.

Avoiding everyone else is part of the E-3 job, except Army Medics in the Defense Personnel Support Center, or DPSC in South Philly, couldn’t avoid anyone.

In 1963, the original site at Gray’s Ferry Avenue and Washington Avenue was closed and the Quartermaster Depot was moved to West Oregon Avenue and South 22nd Street. Operating as the Defense Personnel Support Center since 1965, when supply responsibilities expanded from clothing and textiles to food, medicine, and medical supplies, it later became the Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support in 2010.

An Oregon soldier working on Oregon Ave. was a good joke for everyone there.

We had a red Hot Line phone for emergencies, and it rang often in such a huge facility.

It worked like this:

The phone rings, it’s a wrong number, we explain which number they dialed, then hang up hard.

It rings again.

Someone is passed out, bleeding, or both; they’re having a seizure, shortness of breath, or confused. The caller leaves a building number and floor.

We, the other medic and a doc, drop everything and head for the problem. Heart attack, stroke, we got it all.

Doing my duty meant showing up composed and in control, telling people to move back while the doc and other medic checked things out, or checking out the emergency with the doc while the other guy did crowd control.

There was always a crowd around in that workplace.

That was my government service, touching, meaningful, and grizzly at times.

I put Donald Trump government service in my place, at least Mr. Trump.

Would E-3 Trump take the ass kicking that comes with the rank, or lack of rank?

Could he show up focused on someone else’s problems and help them regain their health?

What would Pfc Trump do when a emergency call includes someone projectile vomiting an arc that lands on his shoes?

How would he comfort a panicked man, one moment a pillar of strength, the next a gurgling baby, certain the meatball hoagie he had for lunch was trying to kill him?

Of course these things will never appear anywhere near a Donald Trump government, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t happening, and when he’s Commander in Chief, it’s all on his desk.

Will he make room for the E-3’s of the world, the Privates First Class the U.S. Armed Forces depend on.

You’ve heard an army marches on it’s stomach? Those stomachs belong to a bunch of privates.

President Trump will need to connect with the ‘little guys’ on the payroll if a Donald Trump government comes to reality.

He could start by getting a haircut, losing thirty pounds, and practicing his front leaning rest position.

Imagine if the leader of a Donald Trump government announced he was going to ask America to, “GIVE ME TWENTY,” then dropped to the stage to knock out twenty push-ups?

Is that better, or worse, than he’s doing now?

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