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What To Do If You Start Looking Like W.C. Fields?

Make an appointment with Dr. MolePDX and the Ellman Surgitron.

Like most baby boomers I see new things when I look in the mirror.

Some things are better than others.

One in particular was troublesome.

What do you do when you see little veins creeping across your nose and onto your cheeks?

I enjoy a good beer from time to time, like the funny man above, but do I want the appearance of a hardcore drinker?

Do you?

Take a look in the mirror before you answer.

Like many mature men slightly over sixty, I accept my appearance.

But those veins were unacceptable.

If you haven’t spent the last forty years chugging gin and chasing it with whiskey, those veins are unacceptable to you, too.

Even if you have spent the last forty years tanked, you can still do something to tone things down.

That something is the Ellman Surgitron.

A few years back during her training, my wife, Dr. Elaine Gillaspie, needed a patient to practice on.

I eagerly volunteered.

After she removed skin surface irregularities, moles, and skin tags from other patients, I arrived at the Portland Wellness Center for my appointment.

The results were better than expected.

Along with attention to my nose and cheeks, she removed a few annoying tags from my armpit.

Once everything healed I was ready for my close up, and it’s not a soft-focus shot.

From a male perspective, treating those veins didn’t feel like cosmetic surgery. I wasn’t going ‘Hollywood.’

Seeking to improve your appearance isn’t the same as turning back the clock.

If you’ve seen some of the famous plastic surgery mistakes, you can see how that can go sideways.

An interesting site I found during my research is ‘The Face Doctors, The Best Hands In The Business.’ They practice in New Zealand.

If you’re looking for an Ellman Surgitron specialist in Portland, Oregon, make an appointment with Dr. Gillaspie.

Who doesn’t want to see something new in the mirror that is pleasing?

We see enough of the other stuff.

After your appointment, come back to comments and tell us how it turned out.

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