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What happens with an espn expired contract happens everywhere. Every day

David Mamet told the secret in Glengary Glen Ross:

ABC, or Always Be Closing.

That’s how the pros work, always ready for the next job.

Do that enough enough and you get the good coffee.

If you wait you’re slipping behind.

The shock of getting chopped will take a few minutes to wear off. This is when the plan kicks in.

Not all is lost, it’ll just feel that way.

Don’t expect a gentle, understanding, George Clooney from Up In The Air to be walking through that door to ease the blow either.

Instead you’ll get something like this:

espn expired contract

Mo Ray

At least this is how you’ll remember the moment.

You get called into the ‘big’ office, except the Big Boss isn’t there.

Instead you sit across from a new COO who looks like his last job as operational officer was driving the collection tanker for a porto potty company.

Or selling low end insurance to high risk clients.

Maybe both.

He’s the man who shakes your hand, slides a big envelope across the table with the severance package and glowing reference letter.

The envelope he holds back is in case you reject the first one. They’ve been sued by enough ex-employees to have a battle plan ready.

You go from one of the guys to an expired contract

espn expired contract

Every time it happens it’s a surprise how things turn.

espn expried contract

They always pass you by. Always have, always will.

You know stuff, you have seniority.

Institutional memory.


espn expired contracts

The bite only takes your confidence, your identity, your place in the world.

They move to the next feeding ground.

expired contract

You move a different way.

expired contract

This is where the plan kicks in for an expired contract.

What are the parameters of a next job?

The difference between a next job and what you’ve done before?

What more do you need to learn for the next job?

ESPN saw this coming for years.

The last time ESPN cut talent was in 2015. Keith Olbermann and Bill Simmons, both of whom had expensive contracts, were among the big names who were cut loose.

Later that year, ESPN also laid off about 300 employees — roughly 4% of the network’s global workforce. During those layoffs, hosts, reporters and commentators generally weren’t affected. ESPN also had a round of layoffs in 2013.

The cuts came as growing numbers of viewers unsubscribed from the cable channel, even as it’s paying for costly long-term TV deals with pro sports leagues.

At the time of the 2015 cuts, it was reported that ESPN was told by its parent company, Disney, to “trim $100 million from the 2016 budget and $250 million in 2017.”

This the 2017 chopped budget promised in 2015.

When you get chopped it’s different?

Here’s how espn soccer writer Mike Goodman handles it on twitter:

1. Today’s gonna suck for a lot of people at ESPN. It doesn’t seem like too much to ask to remember that those people are in fact people.

2. And hey, it turns out one of those people is me. Loved my time at ESPN, and now it’s time to figure out what’s next.

What’s next is already happening. It could be worse.

Instead of cutting you loose after your expired contract, you interview for the job you’ve been doing, get turned down, and the company asks you to train your lateral transfer replacement.

Or you accept the terms of a lay-off to avoid a court confrontation with a legally astute new co-worker who compared their alternative lifestyle to your married gig.

Which is worse?


No matter when you find out about your expired contract you feel frozen and go into shock?

It’s contagious with a house cleaning sweep

@jimmiller says, Hearing now from several @espn employees who, despite advanced word, are “in shock” and “frozen.” This is an awful day for all in Bristol.

Jim’s got the overview down.

Danny’s got the letdown.

@dannykanell: Poured my heart and soul into ESPN for last 8 years. Moved my wife and 3 kids to CT to go “all in” 5 years ago. Bummed it ended in 3 minutes

Paul had a plan and a call to action on the way out. This is very pro.

@paulkuharskyNFL: Knew cuts were coming. Sad to say nine great years at ESPN end for me in July. Please stay tuned to @Midday180.


George Clooney’s 2009 Up In The Air ended with all of the people he fired talking about finding their true meaning, what makes them stand tall.

It’s a Hollywood movie and you might expect them to say their friends and family, their close community, holds them together.

And they do.

But they talk about their new center just as George’s center falls away.

And isn’t that the challenge of change, no matter when or where?

Hope for the best and adjust as needed.

Make an ideal career plan the way you might plan for a trip knowing you’ll need wiggle room.

It’s all harder and takes longer and worse when everyone’s watching.

Even if you’re nervous and frightened and can’t get over that expired contract, just tell yourself you’ll move on nervous and frightened, but you will move on.

Google the career arc of Dan Patrick, Bill Simmons, and Colin Cowherd for success stories.

Make your plan and follow it. A world of possibilities are waiting.

Sleeping with the fishes isn’t your style.

expired contract

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