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 Facebook Is Not The New Fuhrer
Don't Blame Zuckerberg. via

Don’t Blame Zuckerberg.

After the NY Times and Wall Street Journal reported Facebook manipulated users’ emotions, those emotions hit the fan.

Like a good salesman, Facebook asks a few questions then sits back and listens.

What do we do? We let it all out. Where do we live? Where have we lived? Where do we work? Where have we worked?

It’s all in the details. How can we be upset after volunteering our data to a data hoarding outfit that organizes it all for commercial gains?

Besides, how can Facebook work our emotions more than our friends?

We feel for others when we hear bad news. We cheer for good news. We comment, we like, we share.

And we’re creeped out to find Big Brother’s cousin listening in.

Keep this in mind: Companies that affect millions of people, companies valued at billions of dollars, have a huge back office operation. They manage, model, and roll out ideas with enough momentum to seem unstoppable.

If you want to avoid feeling violated, don’t participate where you’re asked to give more than you want to give.

The Facebook switch and bait starts with a promise, “It’s free and always will be.” And you’re free to join. Or not.

We get to stay in touch more than ever and in greater detail. We don’t have to ask, “what’s new”, or “where have you been.”

It’s all on the page. Your friends have been on vacation, out for a run, drinking booze in a nice bar. And somehow Facebook turns it into measurable science to guide advertisers to your front door.

Pardon me if I’m not flabbergasted. It’s Facebook, not Nazi Germany. It’s Mark Zuckerberg, not propaganda master Joseph Goebbels.

I’ll be the most surprised to find Facebook Police at my door with their car running and a warrant for Facebook Camp where work will set me free.

Who doesn’t love the idea of a free service that does what Facebook does. It says it’s free, but there is a hidden cost.

Freedom isn’t free today anymore than it ever was. Baby boomers get this. How about you?




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