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Leopard spots and zebra stripes don’t change. Donald Trump does.

Born in 1946, Donald Trump is a leading edge baby boomer.

His years were prime time hippie-era where you set free what you loved to see if it came back, or not.

How did he miss the boat on sex, drugs, and rock and roll? What was different for him when so many decided to march to the beat of a different drummer?

Was it his educational experience that pushed him another direction? He could have made the run to Woodstock for the weekend and slid in the mud.

But no pictures or stories surface about that. Probably a good thing.

He was busy, on the job, getting prepped for his life after growing up.

One image supports that notion. You know he’s the one with the ball, like a boss.

donald trump


Instead of getting down with the counter culture and flying his freak flag, he stayed true to his mission and built his brand.

With a Donald Trump presidency on the American agenda it’s time to place him in the pantheon of great leaders.

Presidents come in all shapes and sizes, from 300 pound Howard Taft to James Madison at five feet four inches.

They all knew how to make deals.

donald trump

Sonny Corleone on the turnpike, not President Trump firing an aide. via

Modern presidents make complex deals to benefit the rest of us, but most of us have suspicions of strings attached.

A Donald Trump presidency would snap those strings.

He would be a president who would ‘tell it like it is.’ He’d ‘speak his mind.’

No one would have to wonder if he was the real deal, or just a mouthpiece for lobbyists.

How can we count on this breath of fresh air in the White House?

Stories are being written about Trump and the mafia as your read, unfair stories linking him to the mob through his business.

donald trump

Not a President Trump cabinet meeting. via

It’s not as if he’s the only one.

Get a few breaks, make a name for yourself, and suddenly you’re a gangster? Come on.

For a quick update, Trump is all about real estate in New York City along with gambling interests in New Jersey. It’s not his fault that his interests intersect with others interested in the same things.

CNN Politics tried to smear him. The Washington Post is working on their own angle with Fox.

Instead of left wing news organizations pretending to be mainstream, why not just let The People hear from the candidate and vote accordingly.

It’s time for these pretender voices to calm down.

donald trump

Not a President Trump negotiating tactic. via

Donald Trump may say he “loves poorly educated” voters in Nevada, but it’s Nevada, home to many of the non-Oregon Militia in the recent stand off on the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. He had to say it, and you’d agree if you saw that news.

Mr. Trump is not poorly educated and chances are good he doesn’t hire from the bottom of the educational barrel. Billionaire businessmen may love the poorly educated, just not on their payroll.

It doesn’t take a genius to see a Trump presidency as the first out of the mafia closet. Who was in that closet?

Hot Springs, Arkansas was a popular mob destination. Would anyone escape there without some taint?

Stephen Hunter gave it a good run with his Earl Swagger stories.

donald trump

Not President Trump’s Secretary of Defense nominee. via

Did JFK get some gang help?

Did FDR during WWII?

In a world of gangster leaders across the globe, America needs someone who speaks their language, who talks their talk and walks their walk.

There’s only one of those in the 2016 Presidential race. You follow?

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