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man's game

Man’s Game with Kentucky’s Senator McConnell. image via

If it’s Man’s Game, it comes with Man Talk.

Man talk comes in every flavor, in every color of the rainbow.

Man’s Game is more straight forward.

Man’s Game is harsh and unrelenting. Call it frightening.

Men do things others’ can’t do.

It’s not our fault that the limits of human achievement, like world records in running, jumping, and throwing are all held by men.

The women hold women’s world records, not THE world records.

Does this mean men are superior? Come on, man.

Part of Man’s Game is helping women, and asking women for help.

Asking for help from another man is harder than asking a woman.

Other men judge and rate men who ask for help.

On the kitty scale of life, men who ask men for help get a big meow.

Men asking women for help get the same meow from other men, but not from women.


Because women already know they can’t do everything on their own, like set the standards for world records.

Somehow their weakness doesn’t bother them the way weakness bothers men.

It’s almost like women enjoy asking for help, giving help, lending a hand.

Some men see that as proof of weakness, but not weaker than a man asking for help.

There’s man weakness and woman weakness. One is okay, one is not.

Women compensate for their weakness by cultivating strength where they find it.

And they find it all over the place, places where men don’t look.

What used to be women’s work has crossed gender boundaries.

If you want clean clothes, do the wash.

Man food? Cook it yourself.

On girl’s night out, men watch the kids.

Those three sentences upset certain men, manly men.

Manly men tell women what do and expect them to do it. Like right freaking now.

Women who do the same, who tell men what to do, and do it right now, get chastised by manly men used to giving order, not following orders.

An elected official in Washington D.C., Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell, a manly man if ever there was one, had this to say about President Obama:

“A lot of people ask me what President Obama is really like,” McConnell writes. “I tell them all the same thing. He’s no different in private than in public. He’s like the kid in your class who exerts a hell of a lot of effort making sure everyone thinks he’s the smartest one in the room. He talks down to people, whether in a meeting among colleagues in the White House or addressing the nation.”

I’ll take a guess that Senator McConnell isn’t used to being talked down to. Like the rest of us are.

Without stereotyping all of Kentucky, I’d say the man takes offense at being talked down to by people outside his own race and gender.

From what I’ve heard in President Obama’s speeches to the nation, he talks like the President of the United States of America.

He’s the President and you’re not, but it’s still so hard to take?

Senator McConnell’s line of thought encourages those of us lesser beings to say things like, “liberals shovel self-superior crap,” and “liberal overlords try to silence us with false guilt.”

Calling names, making accusations, all fun and games until the rules change.

Have you ever been talked down to? Yes is the answer if you’ve been pulled over by police, been to court. Yes is the answer if you’ve been a freshman in college when every professor seems way to smart for their own good.

You’ve been talked down to when your wife asks why you did the stupid thing you did.

Public office allows manly men to bitch up and complain about being talked down to by other men in powerful positions. Meow to you, Senator McConnell.

Man’s Game rules state that you must Man Up to play.

Except women who play the Man’s Game better than the men ignore the Man Up rule.

They just call it another day. Get used to it.

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