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NW Boomer Cruise

Finding Fun In Your Backyard River


The next time you bike or walk, drive or fly, keep an eye out for bridges.

They show local rivers to paddle.

If you lived in the same town a while and never been on the water, the time is ripe.

This is baby boomer nirvana.

  • Getting There

This is the general area.


The specific place.


  • Choose your ride.

My double kayak was a dream liner.


From the river, bridges you’ve crossed a million times are brand new.

The I-5 bridge looks like a gateway to an uncharted wilderness.

Is that traffic noise or white water on the mighty Tualatin River?


It seemed like a safe paddle until the danger sign.

The one on the other side of the river said Danger, Keep Right.

The danger was a small ripple over flat rocks. The danger was scraping bottom. Ouchee.


Sharing the silence is golden.


  • The Future.

At the end of two hours it ends, but plans for another run are set.

If you’re a boomer who believes you’ll never drown if you never get on the water, you’re right.

Maybe it’s time to show some of the Right Stuff.

Slide down to Alder Creek Kayak and Canoe at Brown’s Ferry Park, and cast off.

Suddenly Lewis and Clark show up.





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