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Exotic Animal Fans Find A Way. None Were Injured Here.


Animal skins tell two stories. If they are real, and recent, you’ve got a hunter in the house.

If they are synthetic but accurate, then you’ve got a dreamer of the hunt in the house.

Either way, the patterns and images transport us to another time and place.

Call it old school, a throwback to the 1800’s, or how to bring the outdoors inside. It’s eye catching and never gets tired.

The trick is matching pieces with other accessories. Mirrors and daring landscapes add drama.


A zebra throw rug under a metal and marble table brings a room together.

Add a tiger footstool, silhouettes of animals on the march, and giraffes with crossed necks for the perfect balance to a luxurious leather recliner.


Add to the mesmerizing mood with miniatures. Do lions and tigers and elephants enjoy each other’s company?

They do here.


When you ask, “How much is too much” count the tigers on the foot stool. Then look at the chair on the right.


Too much? Only if you’re afraid you might get a bite if you sit down. (You won’t.)


In a world of IKEA and sharp design, nature still holds sway. You can walk into rooms like this without the guilt of depriving Africa of it’s treasures.

Sharing an adventure motif is something baby boomers should do. Using the right colors and pieces in the right amount gets noticed. Finding someone with the right eye makes it harder.

You can almost hear the big cats growling on your screen.

When the growling becomes too loud, put the tiger pillow on the zebra rug to calm the noise.

The good thing about Oregon is the proximity of wild creatures. You can visit Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon where you’ll see these creatures out and about.¬†

Or make a stop at the Oregon Zoo to see these animals.

They’ll give a silent thanks that you decorate with man-made versions of their skins.

Real skins belong on real animals. If someone harvests the skins, hope they have the proper respect due our fellow mammals.

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